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Academic Paper vs. Article Writing Service – Are The Requirements The Same?

Everyday kind of information can be presented in written forms. It can be done using an academic paper or through article writing, also known as non-academic paper/writing. Majority of studies and researches are carried out using information from these forms of writing. Due to this, people take strides to learn the similarities and differences.

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In this write-up, the difference and similarities between an academic paper and article writing service will be discussed.

The Differences


The reason behind academic papers is not unconnected from educating the reader by providing the information backed up with facts. An academic paper can cover a particular subject proposing a theory and show how this theory can be proven with enough evidence e.g. scientific data.

Article writing is done to provide entertainment which contains information that is biased as they are supported by little or no facts. It is mainly born out of the writer’s point of view and can be full of sentiments. It is often done by inexperienced writers with money-backed intentions to entertain and persuade the reader.

Formal vs. Informal

In academic papers, the form of writing is usually formal and professional looking. There is no room to condone slang words, contracted words, and esoteric languages. The writing is strictly done according to stipulated guidelines. It typically includes an introduction, a body disclosing an overview of the subject accompanied by evidence, and a conclusion that sums up everything in the writing piece. It contains the author’s name, credentials, and the list of references.

In article writing, information is provided without any manner of formal tonality. It can appear unprofessional as it may harbor slang expressions and indiscernible words. In its bid to entertain the audience, some humor can be incorporated and another element which cannot be seen in academic papers.


Academic writing is meant for an educated audience – educated scholars and researchers – based on proven facts. Article writing is not always intended for an educated audience.

Professionalism vs. Unprofessionalism

Academic papers are strictly done by professionals in a given field. They are expected to possess enough knowledge regarding what they are writing about. The writing will be reviewed and edited by the author’s colleagues and take a lot of time to be published.

Article writing can be done by anybody who has little or no knowledge regarding the topic. It takes lesser time to publish. The author’s name may not be present. Articles are traditionally void of the author’s credentials and list of references where they got their work from.



Academic papers and articles are written with the sole purpose to educate the audience. Both can contain relatively similar information.


The information provided in an academic paper and article writing is not expected to be gotten from other people’s words and ideas. The content has to be unique, original, and authentic. In case the information is based on someone’s ideas or their words are used, a citation is needed to show the source of the gotten information. Failure to do this is tantamount to plagiarism.


In both forms of papers, writers would want to be captivated by their work. In order to achieve this aim in academic papers and article writing, fact-based information and personal experiences that have not been heard of are infused into the writings respectively to gain the attention needed.

There you have it!  These are the features that make up academic papers and article writings.

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