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Admission Essay Writing Service: 3 Top Medical Universities and Key Demands to Apply for Them

Medical schools are, perhaps, the most selective when it comes to choosing their students and with a good reason. The medical field is a high-stakes one, where every decision is literally life and death. The courses are very long and very expensive. In the end, it is in everyone’s best interests that the right candidates are chosen for the job. In the US, the top three medical schools are Harvard University Medical School, Stanford University, and Johns Hopkins. These are some of the most important things they seek in applicants:

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1. Harvard University

This school’s high reputation in the medical industry means they try to choose the most uniquely suitable candidates possible. Furthermore, it is very competitive, so much so in fact that many brilliant students do not even consider applying to it in the first place. One of the first things Harvard med school admissions officers will look at is the GPA and MCAT scores. Obviously, the higher the scores, the higher one’s chances of having the opportunity to move to the next step. These scores are not used to expressly determine to whom the slots are given, but are used to cut off students who are not suitable for interviews. Further, Harvard typically accepts individuals that have outstanding leadership experience. The world expects a Harvard-educated doctor to be a leader in their field, and this is one of the most important traits admissions look for. For international students, it pays to have attended and graduated from an accredited university in the US or Canada.

2. Stanford

The Stanford application process happens through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Just like Harvard, Stanford is also big among the MCATs. They require strong letters of recommendation as well. After the first step of application through the AMCAS, the next step is the Stanford supplemental application. One must impress the admissions board with their personal essay. Applicants that are deemed impressive enough, then, move on to the next acceptance stage.

3. Johns Hopkins

This is one of the smallest and most exclusive educational and research facilities in the country. It is also one of the most selective, with an average admission rate of 13 percent. To get into the medical school, it is important to meet the institution’s SAT/ACT requirements and have a high GPA. This will only get you through to the second round, though, where you will have to further impress the admissions board with your resume, your application essay, and interests. With a good admission essay writing service, this should not necessarily be a difficult thing to pull off. It is also important to note that applications processes for Johns Hopkins might be a little different from the average university.

Ultimately, medical school applications are considered depending on the applicants’ grades and their character. The best schools in the country are especially always looking for individuals they know will not only be the best doctors but will uphold the reputation of the institution. Prospective students must not only demonstrate that they have consistently achieved good, but also show the admissions officers that the school is a good fit for them and that they are a good fit for the school.

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