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Lily Wilson
Full Name:Lily Wilson
Lily Wilson is a 34 year-old homestay freelance academic writer. Lily runs her personal blog AnAwfulLotofWriting and works as a contributing academic writer at ThePensters.com

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Short Speech on My Father

A short speech on my father is a common challenge people may face on numerous events and reasons. On the one hand, there could not be anything simpler than tell a couple of paragraphs about a person known from the birth. On the other hand, even this issue hides some… Read More →

Sample Business Development Plan

The modern business environment requires the entrepreneurs to effectively analyze the internal and external factors of influence that have an impact on a company and business development plans provide an opportunity to structure the analysis in a convenient way that can be later reviewed for guidance in a long-term perspective…. Read More →

Sample Assignment of Contract

Sample assignment of contract is a particular document, which allows assigning certain rights and obligations to the individual or a group of people. An accurately issued paper may become a valuable protection of one partner’s rights and responsibilities; it also encourages a fruitful cooperation and helps to avoid various misunderstanding… Read More →

Report Letter Sample

Nowadays, almost all business people need to write report style letters devoted to the businessmen outside the company. Nowadays, business correspondence is one of the main means of a report letter sample. Therefore, business people should get acquainted with a business letter format along with formal tone requirements. Business documents… Read More →

Sample College Term Paper

A sample college term paper is an example of academic work that discusses a certain topic, arguments for or against which are supported by reliable references. Thus, an introduction of such essay must be short but coherent and end with a clear thesis. The main arguments regarding the chosen topic… Read More →

Sample Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is one of the most common academic assignments in every educational institution. That is due to the fact that such papers effectively assist in discovering significant unique peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages of two or more specific items compared to each other. A sample comparative essay involves research… Read More →

Sales Analysis Report Sample

Conducting a thorough analysis of product sales is one of the key responsibilities of a sales representative of any company, which is why a sales analysis report sample may reveal to be a valuable asset in his/her inventory. Company large or small, regardless of the size of the business, always… Read More →

Sales Contract Sample

Today, a majority of business people prefer to sign a formal contract before buying or selling goods to secure their purchase. This way, both parties agree to buy or sell, accordingly, specific items under certain conditions outlined in the written form. Sales contract sample is the document with exact requirements… Read More →

Project Completion Report Example

When a company undertakes a project, it uses financial resources for a specific purpose and project completion reports are created to clarify some matters that are related to the outcomes of a project. A typical project completion report example features a number of points such as general project information, findings,… Read More →

Product Presentation Example

Effectively introducing a product is the main goal of a successful product presentation example. The art of presenting a product to the audience in the most appealing way possible is a trade of skill and creativity. Producing such presentation is a direct responsibility of the marketing department of any company…. Read More →

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