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All interesting facts and tips for college life are here. Our bloggers share their experience, provide some pieces of advice and deliver a new vision to college life in general.

5 Dumb Ways to Drop Out of College

College education is a serious business. It takes up to four years of your life during which you have little opportunity to do anything else, it occupies your attention and efforts, it costs a pretty penny – most students end up with about $30,000 student loan debts by the time… Read More →

Is Your Campus a Safe Place?

Before diving into the college life, make sure to find out whether the potential campus is a safe place. The thing is that colleges and universities are required by the federal law to set standard protocols for all the safety concerns of the campus. The prospective students (as well as… Read More →

Examination Hall

When there are only a couple of minutes before the examination begins, the students gather right before the hall, where the tests are going to take place. Some students come in their cars, while the others prefer bicycles. Some college attendants put on their finest outfits while the rest of… Read More →

College Library

A library is a never-ending source of precious knowledge. A properly stocked library is a great advantage for every college, high school or university. There is always a smart librarian out there to help you to find what you’re in search for. Books are set and kept properly. Their arrangement… Read More →

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