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Creating a fully-featured project for college is not a simple task. Have a look at our project examples to make it much easier and more interesting for you.

Nursing Project Summary Example

The importance of nursing as a profession is generally lost on people who have either not spent time or haven’t had a loved one admitted in a hospital. Nurses serve at the front lines of the medical field and are the first individuals one encounters while visiting a hospital. They… Read More →

Project Study Sample on the Racism in the USA

Throughout the American rich history, the issue of racism has always reared its ugly head, tainting the huge contributions the US has made. This issue, which has been debated since the abolition of slavery in 1886, has deeply polarized Americans due to contradicting information which makes it important to discuss… Read More →

Research Project Sample on Folklore Genres

Understanding the phrase ‘research projects’ relies on first analyzing the meaning of the word research and its application in the academic world. The word research, originated from the French word ‘recherché’ which literally means to ‘seek closely’. Therefore, research project generally involves investigating a topic with the aim of learning… Read More →

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