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This is our collection of report samples made specially for students to study and analyze this specific academic genre. Go through them and get a better image of what you are exactly assigned with.

Structured Report Example

A structured report is an essay that uses a certain structure in order to present a report on a particular issue. The use of structured data allows the reader to analyze the scale of a problem under discussion more precisely. As a rule, a structured report consists of the introductory… Read More →

Sample Appraisal Report

The sample appraisal report is the type of the business document that traces the personal work achievements and failures of each worker separately. The gathered data may be used further for the projection of the best strategies and tactics to advance the performance of each term player and, at the… Read More →

Management Report Example

Management report example can be defined as a specified formal written document that adjacent a business institution profit, as well as, loss rates. Normally, the idea behind any report is to outline how the company performed, as well as, define what issues it faced throughout the years. Management reports mostly… Read More →

Internship Report Sample

The major purpose of internship report sample is to describe and highlight the specific experience and skills obtained by the intern during the practice. Generally, the structure of internship report sample also involves an overall description of the organization or its’ internship program. Notably, in most cases, the document is… Read More →

Information Report Example

Information report example provides the general form of information report and explores its basic structure. This type of work serves to reveal the facts about any conception or phenomenon to make a reader familiar with it and help him or her to take the right decision if the need arises…. Read More →

Example of scientific report

Example of scientific report is an inalienable part of the scientific process as it combines the particular features of research conducted within the framework of the natural or clinical sciences with the specific characteristics of scientific analysis. In such context, example of scientific report provides the analytical and academic proficiency,… Read More →

Example of Report Writing for Students

During their studies at the educational institutions, students are frequently assigned to prepare the report about significant school events in which they participated. The objective of this type of academic work is to examine students’ involvement in the occasion and discover their findings from it. Example of report writing for… Read More →

Example of Report

Example of report is a form specifically written for a certain audience in order to inform what kind of activities were conducted in the past. Every report should contain visible evidence regarding on what was done and what issues were present during that particular activity. There are several types of… Read More →

Visit Report Example

The primary purpose of the visit report is to describe a visited place and choose one or several important details. The visit report should include the brief information about the history and the cultural context of the place. Also, it is important to note about the general perception of the… Read More →

Statistics Report Example

Statistics report example is one of a variety of types of works that a student might have to prepare. Such assignments are based on statistical data provided by different sources, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private companies. Statistics report example is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate one’s ability to… Read More →

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