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EThOS Thesis Online Service Is Coming to Your Rescue

sittingWriting an academic paper on any subject can be extremely challenging for the average student. A thesis in particular, has to be detailed and provide up to date information to the reader; it must also offer useful information as well as treat any subject from an objective perspective. Fortunately, there’s a way to ease a student’s job at writing an academic paper. The answer is EThOS.

What Is EThOS?

Also known as Electronic Theses Online Service, EThOS comprises a wealth of Higher Education Institutions, including the British Library. Funding for this online service is provided by HE, JISC, and RLUK partners. The site offers students complete access to digitized full text theses, thus helping them craft their own academic paper the right way.

EThOS’s aim is to prove that the UK students can craft the most informative and qualitative papers for others to get inspired from. The number of theses available for free exceeds 250,000. Whatever subject or domain you’re looking for, you will find it using EThOS. The service abides by the UK Government’s open-access principles – publications that come from publicly funded research must be available for all researchers, thus helping them conduct further research and expand on former ideas. There’s also an EThOS Toolkit available that provides information and guidance concerning e-theses copyright, repositories and IPR issues, to help students avoid plagiarism accusations. Here some of the main benefits of an EThOS thesis.

EThOS Covers Theses from Institutions All Over the UK

The greatest benefit of EThOS is that is covers excellent academic papers from lots of institutions around the UK, including University of East London, Henley Business School, University of Southampton, University of Liverpool, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and more.

Excellent Research Literature Is Available Online

Nowadays, many students have issues finding the right case study or research paper for their thesis. Some don’t even bother to dig deeper, and usually end up writing nonsense. EThOS is a reliable online resource with qualitative papers written by the most skilled students. The database prides with vast theses on a wealth of subject. Use the ones that you need, and give them a good read if you want your paper to stand out as well.

Digitized Paper Theses Are an Astounding Tool for Other Researchers

Digitized paper theses available on EThOS are not just a help tool for students; they’re also ideal for researchers who need more information to expand on their knowledge and make groundbreaking discoveries in all sorts of fields, including technology, medicine, biology, law, history, and more.

EThOS is a pioneering online service that students and researchers will find extremely useful when writing their own thesis. The academic papers available provide solid up-to-date information (even though some thesis date back to the 90s – these can help you analyze or make comparisons when writing a thesis) that users can use, as well as valuable bibliographies that will help readers dig even deeper for even more detailed insight into a certain subject. Some papers are readily available for free; others however, can only be accessed after the user has contacted the institution’s library to ask for permission.

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