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Everyone who has ever ordered an essay or any other kind of academic assignment from a writing service knows that doing it, at least for the first time, requires a great deal of courage. The reason is simple – you can never be sure about what you are getting, and just as easily you can pay for not a well-written essay, but a bunch of additional problems, sometimes by far exceeding the original ones. That is why we at ThePensters decided to create a writing service that would never keep the client in the dark.

Is It Always a Good Idea to Pay Someone to Write Essay?

How do usual writing companies work? You place an order, pay for an essay (e.g.) and then do nothing but wait, without any control whatsoever over how the agency deals with your assignment. Maybe they simply take the text from an online repository, or resell a piece of writing they have already given to half a dozen people, or maybe they will be looking for a writer in vain until the last moment and only then will say “We weren’t able to find anyone to deal with your case. Sorry!”, leaving you in a worse position than before you contacted them.

Why Should You Pay for an Essay Here?

Nothing of the sort will befall you if you deal with ThePensters. The main principle of our writing company is that we are not, frankly speaking, a writing company. We do not have a constant staff of writers and we don’t assign our writer to this or that case on a whim. We give absolute freedom to both parties: clients can deal with whoever they want and the writers may charge whatever they want and place bids on whatever cases they like. As a result, our service is a free market economy all by itself, with people dealing with each other whenever and however they want. The client usually leaves a description of his assignment and waits for the writers to leave their bids. He then studies their profiles, estimates the feedback they got from their previous customers, reads samples of their works, evaluates the price/quality ratio and makes a choice, founding it only on his own understanding of what is more important.

Why Our Way Is Better

Because we don’t hide anything from our clients. When you place an order with us it doesn’t disappear out of your sight: you can control the entire process from A to Z. Select a writer meticulously yourself or delegate this decision to us; choose the most expensive or the most praised author; communicate with him throughout the process of writing or leave everything to him. Don’t be afraid of the writer being not qualified enough to deal with your task or of receiving a plagiarized paper – we are very careful about who we deal with and check every paper so that only the works of highest quality reach our customers. Dealing with ThePensters you really solve the problem without creating any new ones.

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