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If you ever tried to choose the best writing service for your assignment, you probably know that there are hundreds if not thousands of agencies dealing with this kind of work on the Internet. Google “writing services” and you will see a page after page of results, enumerating similarly named and indistinguishable agencies. It is the case when the first impression isn’t deceptive – most of them are really identical or similar in the quality of their writing and possibilities they provide. They are all based on more or less the same principles, and we, the people who have been studying this business for years, know that these principles are extremely unsound.

Why Should I Pay Someone to Do My Essay?

Many people have asked themselves this question, and most writing services don’t give a really persuasive answer to it. We, however, are capable of answering it. When you deal with ThePensters, you know exactly who is going to write your paper, what kind of expertise in the chosen field he has, how experienced he is. The reason is simple – we don’t collect orders to redirect them to our own writers or freelance authors who work for us. Instead we provide a basis, an interface which helps the writers (whom we carefully screen using our own examination system) and clients find each other and deal with each other without being afraid of one taking unjust advantage of another. We are not even a writing agency as such – we are a service that makes such cooperation possible.

What Does Paying Someone to Write an Essay Mean?

When you deal with an average writing service it means that your money and your order is taken by the agency, and you have to wait for results not knowing who and how handles your task. When, however, you place an order with ThePensters, it is a completely different matter. First of all, we don’t decide which writer to assign to your case. Normally the procedure goes on like this: you describe your order, the writers who are available at the moment leave their bids, and you decide which of them suits you best. To help you do this you have their full profiles and records at your service: number and size of the orders they’ve fulfilled, the grades given to them by customers, samples of their work, feedback and commentaries from the clients and so on. After you choose the writer you may contact him and communicate throughout the process of writing, clarifying the details that may have been left unclear in your initial order, or simply oversee the work.

ThePensters: We Respect the Customer and the Writer Both

As you may see, we try to give both the customer and the writer as much freedom as possible. We don’t hide information from them, we allow them to choose whoever they want to deal with, and we make information on each and every one of our writers open so that you always know who your order goes to. Place an order with us and find out how a real writing service works.

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