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Purchasing a Custom Written Paper

Do you have a major assignment coming up? Are you considering purchasing a custom-written paper, but don’t know if you should? Here are some of the pros and cons weighed out for you to help make your decision easier:

PRO: You can take it easy

The biggest advantage to buying custom written papers is that you can sit back and relax and have your paper written for you. Or maybe you have too many assignments creeping up all at once. Maybe you’ve fallen ill and need a little extra help. Having a custom paper written for you eases your workload.

CON: You didn’t write it

Yup, this is the big one. There are some ethical dilemmas when purchasing work. Your professor or employer is accepting your paper with the assumption that it is all your own work. And its not. You can certainly purchase papers to get an idea of what you can write, and then do the work yourself. But the vast majority of people who purchase papers will then hand them in as their own work. You didn’t steal the work, or copy it. You purchased it, which is at least legal. You have to ask yourself if you feel dishonest by handing in a custom-written paper.

PRO: Custom writing by skilled writers

Most sites now give you the freedom to request exactly what you need for your assignment, right down to structure, length, style, wording, or topic. No more searching through huge databases of prewritten essays, hoping one might fit. Get exactly what you want, and by the exact deadline you want. Best of all, most sites hire writers with graduate degrees in the topics you are writing about, so you are all but guaranteed top quality work.

CON: Not all custom-essay sites are the same

While most custom-essay sites check papers for plagiarism before handing it to the customer, some do not. Some don’t employ native English speakers. There are a lot of sites out there, so take the time to do a little research. Do you have friends who have used a site successfully? Do you see comments on blogs or on the web about certain sites? Do a little homework to find a good custom writing service website and company, because not all companies are the same. And remember the site with the lowest rates may not necessarily be the best.

It is a challenge to decide whether or not you want a custom-written paper. But with a little looking, you can find the right site that will provide you with high quality work from trained scholars. But if you don’t have a lot of time, or desperately need that A, then custom-written papers can definitely get you out of a jam.

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