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Whom Should You Better Pay to Write an Essay?

Writing an essay is never easy. Even for those who have a natural flair to it there comes a time when they are completely at a loss: what to write? Where to get the necessary information? How to cram all your thoughts into a hundred words limit? A very good answer to all these questions is to contact a professional writing service and place an order. This solution, however, may just as easily lead to even more unpleasant problems if you are not careful enough when choosing a writing agency to place an order with.

Who Is the Best to Pay to Write My Essay

Let’s be frank – most writing services don’t differ very much from one another. In fact, the differences are so minute that you may feel that you are dealing with a legion of clones and rip-offs instead of independent organizations. ThePensters, however, is very much different from the majority of writing companies out there. And we base this statement not on some vague promises of superior quality and careful choice of authors – the things you cannot check until you actually place an order – but on the very structure of our company.

Choose Whom You Pay to Do Your Essay

We do business differently from most other writing agencies, firstly because ThePensters does not represent a unified agency with constant employees whom we assign to this or that case. Instead we offer a service that gives the client a possibility to choose the person who will work on the task, after carefully examining detailed information about available writers: feedback from their customers, number of papers written, their topics, sizes, marks given by the customers, work samples and so on and so forth. You may place an order and ask for a specific writer, or describe the paper you need and leave it for perusal of all authors available at the moment. They are free to choose as well: you may always be sure that only the people who are well-versed in the subject in question will leave their bids. All you have to do is to study these bids and choose the writer that represents the price/quality ratio necessary for this order.

Who Is Paid to Write Essays at ThePensters?

Dealing with other agencies you are never sure whether the person assigned to your order is really up to the task. We at ThePensters, however, take pains to choose only the best, the most professional and the most reliable people to become our writers. They pass a special exam and are only then allowed to work on actual orders for actual clients. We are very particular about people using plagiarism – if a person is caught at this, he can never again work for ThePensters, and our writers are paid well enough to try and keep their places. In other words, when placing an order with us you not only know who is writing your paper, but also can be sure that your essay will be completely original and plagiarism-free.

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