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12 Steps for writing effective paper

During our education, work, or sometimes leisure we are confronted with the assignment of writing a paper. And like every person we want the paper to be good and effective and get praised for it. Here are some tips, which may help to create an effective paper.

Getting ready:

Step 1

First thing you ought to do is to make sure that you completely understand the topic you are supposed to write. Without understanding the topic you will be lacking a part of confidence in the paper you are writing and confidence of what you are writing about, which is one of the major steps to an effective paper. You should know as much as you can about your topic, to be able to write it briefly and cover all the main aspects of it.

Step 2

The next thing you should do is to define the purpose of your paper. A clear purpose is always the best foundation for effective writing. To write a clear purpose place an emphasis on the problem you are facing and then highlight the goal of the paper. Always keep the main purpose in mind in order to decide whether you have to include or exclude anything from your paper when having difficulties.

Step 3

You should be clearly focused on the topic. For these aims divide your topic into main and supportive points. This is done in order to not to get lost in your paper and to carry the main idea through the paper with the help of supportive points.

Step 4

It is really necessary for you to make a list of all paper requirements. This is done not to forget to mention anything in your paper that is required.

Step 5
You should always keep in mind the audience you are referring to. Your success greatly depends on the views and attitudes of your audience. Being aware of these you will have more chances to effectively adjust and present your writing.

Step 6

Poor organization of a paper is one of the most common things we confront with. So one of the most important steps in your paper is outline. The outline basically is not just a simple plan of your thoughts and ideas. It is the main structure or the plot of your paper. The structure of the paper is supposed to be straight and understandable; and you can only achieve this by writing down the complete outline, making it well balanced and as detailed as possible. The most typical outline is supposed to have at least a beginning, the main part and a conclusion.

Step 7

The best way to mention everything needed in your paper is to take a minute or two before writing the paper and to put down some basic ideas you would like to mention in future. This is for being sure you won’t forget anything and will mention what you consider reasonable and important.

Writing the paper:

Step 1

Any paper you are writing is a formal statement of your thoughts. This is how it differs from any conversation on the same topic so try to use more sophisticated words and sentences. But don’t get carried away.

Step 2

Your logical relationships should be obvious to everyone. Otherwise the reader of your paper will not follow your lead.

Step 3

In order for the reader of your paper to get acquainted with the problem you are writing about, you are allowed to use some quotations and citing. Whenever you quote an idea, you ought to provide a bibliography (in an endnote or footnote) to the source of quotation.

Step 4

Use normal expressions in your paper in order for it to be understandable for everyone. The best example is foreigners that are not familiar with dialectical expressions and colloquialisms.

Step 5

When a reader analyzes a paper he also pays a lot of attention to grammar mistakes. So before you turn the paper in make sure that all grammar mistakes are detected and removed.

These are the basic principles for writing effective paper. By following these steps you are on halfway to success.

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