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This category includes some interesting and you-could-never-think-of facts. The information presented here could provide some inspiration for your essays as well.

Example of Short Novel

Example of short novel is a literature piece aimed to provide the audience with an outstanding and clear word form that depicts even the most ordinary objects or events. Most often, example of short novel is embodied with an inner meaning that the author reveals through the development of the… Read More →

Are You a Hipster? No, I am a Yuccie!

Do you know what a yuccie is? No, not yucky, although somebody will certainly say it is not that much of a difference, but a yuccie? Yuccie is a recently coined term defining a new subculture (way of life, worldview, lifestyle, underline as necessary) that is likely to largely replace… Read More →

7 Strange Reading Tools

Reading is a very engaging activity and for the right reasons, when comfortable it ensures a wonderful reading experience. It has been proved that the people that read when most comfortable tend to grasp more of what they are reading and tend to have a clear mindset of what they… Read More →

Weird Writing Habits of Famous Writers

Famous writers are often remembered not just for their work, but also for unusual, outrageous, peculiar and just plain weird conditions in which they created them, their daily routines, strange preferences and idiosyncrasies. May years after their deaths these writing habits continue to fascinate us, perhaps attracting even more interest… Read More →

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