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This category includes some interesting and you-could-never-think-of facts. The information presented here could provide some inspiration for your essays as well.

Literary Frenemies

What is a friend? For most people, the answer to this question will be something along the following lines: it is a person who is ready to reassure you when you feel down, who supports you in all your undertakings, always has a kind word for you, provides a shoulder… Read More →

Children’s Author Declines Amazon-Backed Award

British author of children’s books, Allan Ahlberg, has declined the inaugural Booktrust Best Books Lifetime Achievement Award on a pretext that it is sponsored by Amazon. He states that his dislike of Amazon is based on ‘ethical grounds’: because of numerous reports of Amazon’s tax evasion in the UK Ahlberg… Read More →

Aristotle’s Rhetoric in Speech Writing

Rhetoric is the art of persuasion that is a great tool to influence someone. Persuasion can influence a person in many ways; if a person is very talented in persuasion he/she can play a vital role in influencing ano person’s behavior, their beliefs, attitude, intentions, & motivations. Simply put, this art can be… Read More →

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