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What Causes Autism?

causes of autism

A lot of moms and dads wonder whether something they have done (or maybe they haven’t) was the cause of the kid’s autism. While in some cases the autism cause of a child can be easily defined, the majority of parents will never get the right answer for the question “why?” Nonetheless, one can point out several specific causes of autism.


Can Vaccines Be the Cause of Autism?

According to the investigations, two theories connect vaccines and autism. First theory says that Mumps-Measles-Rubella was the number one cause of the autism among children. According to the second theory, mercury-based preservative “thimerosal”, which is in some vaccines, is also linked to the autism. The scientists have soundly proved these statements are false. Still, some passionate moms and dads truly believe these are the number one reason behind the disease of their kid.


Can Autism Be Genetic?

Of course, some causes of autism are of a genetic nature, and it is pretty possible that genetics is really involved with the autism causes. Many studies have discovered that there were so called “spontaneous” mutation at a genetic level which wasn’t inherited. To say more, various studies have proved that moms and dads from families with autistic members will more likely give birth to autistic kids, and families, where there’s only one autistic kids are at increased risk of giving birth to more than one kid with autistic syndrome.


Bad Parenting Is the Cause of Autism?

Dr. Kenner believed that cold moms could cause autism, but today we can state that he was absolutely wrong. Nonetheless, his misinterpretation of the autism impressed famous psychology figure Bruno Bettelheim. Bettelheim, in turn, wrote the book, which created a whole generation of moms and dads truly believing they have caused their kids’ disabilities. Fortunately, our generation is aware of how wrong Bettelheim and Kenner were.


Is Autism Caused by Dissimilarity in the Brain?

Some scientists have discovered several differences between the brain of a typical human being and the brain of an autistic person. The thing is that people with autism syndrome have larger brains. Moreover, they seem to process info in a different way. In simple words, their brains are “equipped” differently.


Is Autism Related to Immune Deficiency?

According to some evidence autism is related to the immune system problems. Autistic persons usually have a range of other physical issues linked to the deficiency of immune system. Some scientists claim they have discovered the most effective cures on the basis of immune system boosting. Nonetheless, according to some of their colleagues, the evidence behind the statement provided above is not strong enough to prove their theories right.

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