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Project Examples

Creating a fully-featured project for college is not a simple task. Have a look at our project examples to make it much easier and more interesting for you.

Project Executive Summary Example

Project executive summary example is a piece of writing designed to summarize the main points of a certain research project. The main goal of such summary is to provide a simpler explanation of the highly sophisticated texts usually used in projects. Primarily project executive summary example is utilized by managers… Read More →

Project Execution Plan Sample

Projects of different sizes and ambitions may vary in how they are planned, and, therefore, a project execution plans ample is a mandatory requirement for a project’s monitoring procedures and maintenance. Whether it concerns engineering projects, such as city building and underground construction works, scientific projects, such as laboratory experiments… Read More →

Project Coordinator CV Sample

A project coordinator CV sample may become a useful guide to everyone who plans to apply for the particular job offer, no matter whether it is for Project Coordinator or for similar positions. Project coordinators are integral members of the particular project team. These individuals are responsible for the coordination… Read More →

Sample Business Development Plan

The modern business environment requires the entrepreneurs to effectively analyze the internal and external factors of influence that have an impact on a company and business development plans provide an opportunity to structure the analysis in a convenient way that can be later reviewed for guidance in a long-term perspective…. Read More →

Science Project Example

Science project example is the advanced step of learning theoretical information. The application of theoretical knowledge has to be followed by the well-organized scientific project so that people can confirm the accuracy of the theory. Students might conduct science projects to master their understanding of information from books while scholars… Read More →

Science Project Sample

Science project has a common structure that has to be followed to present the report of the valuable information. The objective of the science project sample has to be the solution to the significant problem while the author has to suggest the possible directions for the further development of the… Read More →

Water Pollution Project

Water pollution project considers the issue of water pollution with its causes, effects, and solutions. The project presents the problem of the contamination of lakes, waterways, seas, groundwater. This process directly or indirectly impacted by discharged pollutants into water bodies. The inappropriate treatment of toxic compounds removal expands the scales… Read More →

20 Project Subject Ideas for Business Students

Business students need to master project planning and writing. This is an important skill that will help you throughout your career and life. While project management and planning are mentioned frequently, there are many people who do not understand fully what the project management actually entails. All kinds of organizations,… Read More →

5 Student Competitions You Can Take Part in with Your Project Samples

Honing your skills is an important part of maximizing your educational experience. There are numerous competitions available for students. These competitions enable you to show off your talents while making your resume much more interesting. Participating in these competitions will give you additional valuable experience, help build your portfolio and… Read More →

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