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Project Executive Summary Example

Project executive summary example is a piece of writing designed to summarize the main points of a certain research project. The main goal of such summary is to provide a simpler explanation of the highly sophisticated texts usually used in projects. Primarily project executive summary example is utilized by managers who aim to understand the policy of the research and make the necessary amendments. Moreover, executive summaries are used to make information clear and accessible for the wide audience regardless the readers’ level of education. Finally, this one-page document describes the problem considered in the project as well as the main approaches to its solution.


Drive Ace Project Executive Summary

The Project Objectives

The Drive Ace project started in January 2014 in Florida, USA. Its main goal is to research the main difficulties faced by driving instructors and develop a coaching course plan that will meet the needs of the customers who learn to drive.


The impetus for the Drive Ace emergence was a row of complaints from the learner drivers as well as driving instructors to the local authorities. Customers and coaches complained about outdated methods of learning and too much focus on the driving test results. The Drive Ace is not the “first-in-its-kind” project, the similar one called HERMES was realized in 2007.

Correspondingly, it was decided to use the experience of HERMES and design a project in the frameworks of which instructors will receive an opportunity not only to coach the learners in the classroom but also to utilize on-road as well as track training.


The Drive Ace project is based on the leading EU projects in the driver coaching area. It aims to accomplish such important tasks in the driving industry as:

  • less dependence on the short-term coaching methods;
  • avoiding methods oriented on passing the driving test only;
  • focus on the active-learning driving strategies;
  • preparing drivers to safe solo driving;
  • more orientation on the high levels of GDE matrix that includes such aspects as self-awareness, personality traits, emotions, and various driving-related aspects.

All the above-mentioned goals were realized with the help of the following driving approaches:

  • activating the learner driver, his/her attention, and awareness of driving process including the interaction between himself/herself and other participants of traffic;
  • accepting the driver as the reliable person responsible for his/her behavior and actions in the traffic environment;
  • providing the partnership with the driving instructor, in which a learner receives an opportunity of questioning and adequate feedback, the dose of encouragement, possibility of sharing expertise, and analyzing mistakes. This approach helps to develop the most suitable strategy that depends on the personality of the learner driver.

Findings and Conclusions

Participation in the various coaching seminars has changed the instructors’ attitudes and strategies toward the customers. Most of the coaches changed their teaching style in order to satisfy the needs of the learners in a full volume. It was revealed that such aspects as awareness, responsibility, and self-acceptance play a significant role in the developing reliable drivers who do not pose a threat to the traffic environment. All in all, the Drive Ace project proved the necessity of coaching, questioning, receiving feedback, and sharing experience in the driving field.

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