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Project Execution Plan Sample

Projects of different sizes and ambitions may vary in how they are planned, and, therefore, a project execution plans ample is a mandatory requirement for a project’s monitoring procedures and maintenance. Whether it concerns engineering projects, such as city building and underground construction works, scientific projects, such as laboratory experiments and research, or social projects, such as infrastructure development and solving issues of municipal character, any project is hardly executable without a properly laid plan. Therefore, a project execution plan sample is bound to become an invaluable asset in the hands of a beginner engineer, scientist, or public servant.

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A project execution plan is an important document that serves as a roadmap and reference source for all parties involved in the project itself. The execution plan resembles not only a detailed description of the conducted project, the set goal and potential result, but it is also a collection of all necessary steps to be taken in order to achieve its completion. For example, if the project involves the production, marketing, and distribution, of a certain product, then it is bound to reveal all the details about the required steps to be taken by the corresponding production line, marketing department, and logistics representatives of the given company. In other words, it is a document that has sections appropriately and specifically designed to be informative for everyone involved in its execution, from production planners and merchandise testers to office managers and other personnel.

In order to be effective and credible, the execution plan has to consist of the following elements: scope of execution, project objectives, technical specifications. The scope of execution is the section that reveals the broad concept of the project, its main idea, and what is planned to be achieved. The project objectives is the part which underlines the primary steps that are required to be taken in order to achieve the primary project concept, its scope. The technical specifications section describes all the technical peculiarities of the project execution, such as resource allocation, staff management, and scheduling. An example of a project execution plan that follows the aforementioned criteria is provided below.

Blamo IT Execution Plan

Scope of Execution

The company Blamco has long since participated in the business of retail merchandise distribution. However, modern business trends are dictated by the wide expansion of globalism and technological accessibility. Therefore, it would be more than reasonable to upgrade our existing office hardware and software to match the current technological trends, as well as expand our reaches with additional networking applications.

Project Objectives

– Upgrade old computers and install new software programs;

– Install new computers were old ones need replacement;

– Establish new connections and networking;

– Conduct staff training with new applications;

Technical Specifications

The implementation of new technologies in the office requires new investments in the company. In order to cope with the costs, it is suggested that not all machines are relapsed, but are upgraded if possible instead. The arrival of new software and network applications will require a series of training sessions to be conducted in order to get the workers acquainted with their new tools.


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