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How to Write an Excellent Project Summary Report

project summary reportAs a student, you will be asked to write a project summary report at one time or another. This paper can be a pamphlet, report, briefing paper or a policy paper. There are a few rules you need to keep in mind to ensure that your project summary report is of the highest caliber.

Of course, to keep the audience interested, you have to provide the information in a way that is not boring. You want to provide the details in an informative fashion that makes it worth reading. While a project summary shouldn’t be expected to be entertaining, it must be laid out and written in a way that the audience will want to read the complete document.

There are some questions that are extremely important to ask and consider when you are writing a project summary report for a class assignment. You need to take into account who will be reading the summary and what these people need to actually know in regards to the content.

Consider the Audience

First and foremost, you need to consider the intended audience. It is important that you know your readers so you write it in a way to keep interest.

As a part of considering your audience, you should understand the purpose of the document. For instance, the executive summary may be designed so that people can read it and determine if they need to read the complete document.

Tell Them What They Need to Know

You don’t want to include unnecessary information in your executive summary. Instead, to keep your audience interested, you want to make sure you provide the details they will want to and need to know.

  • Determine the reasons your readers want to read a project summary report.
  • Take these reasons into account and build your summary accordingly.
  • Include the most important details of the project you are reporting on.
  • Mention the initial goals and their achievement to state the value of the project.
  • Write about the results the project has reached.
  • State the recommendations given in the project.

By targeting the audience and providing the information they actually need in order to do their jobs, you already make your report interesting for them.

Structure Your Report Logically

It is very important for readers to understand whether they are interested in the project summary report or not from the beginning. So, the introduction to your writing must be really attention-grabbing with a decent hook. As for the main body, you must include everything above mentioned to give your audience the information they are looking for.

Don’t forget about the conclusion: it is an essential part that summarizes every detail you have mentioned in your report. So, include the key findings of the project and recommendations to make your readers remember the significant part of the project your summary is written on.

By using all these tips you will ensure that your project summary report will successfully execute its key function: help the reader decide whether he/she needs to read full project or not. So, take everything into account and produce only useful writing!

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