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Sample Business Development Plan

The modern business environment requires the entrepreneurs to effectively analyze the internal and external factors of influence that have an impact on a company and business development plans provide an opportunity to structure the analysis in a convenient way that can be later reviewed for guidance in a long-term perspective. A sample business development plan has a purpose of outlining the company’s purpose, mission, vision, target audience, and a product or service that will be created. This way, it is possible to conclude that a sample business development plan is a convenient tool for the effective decision-making process that can be utilized any entrepreneur as well as an investor.

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Executive Summary

Considering the fact, that the American economy is experiencing a rapid growth of start-ups and new companies are appearing on the market, current competition is becoming more intense with every passing day. Our company, James & Ordeal consulting group, will be able to provide all the fresh entrepreneurs with an ability to gain a deep knowledge of the current and future market conditions through the use of our analytical services. Our mission is to support the development of the American business through the analytical and consulting services for the small business. Our vision is to create the world where every aspiring entrepreneur has an opportunity to fulfill dreams in reality.

Company Analysis

Our Services, Mission, and Vision
Today, new companies are faced with a problem of gathering the relevant information that would allow them to operate properly and James & Ordeal consulting group will be able to satisfy the growing demand for these services in a small business sector of the US. Our services can be summed up in two categories — business environment analysis and consulting services. The first category of services will include marketing research and market environment analysis while the second group will be based on the supply of services that include the development of business plans along with the project and company-wide consulting.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of James & Ordeal consulting group will be based on the target market penetration aimed at informing the potential customers about our services through the use of digital advertising on the basis of Google and social forums for the entrepreneurs. As for the pricing strategy, every situation will be viewed separately and budget of every client will be considered in order to provide the quality services for the available prices.

Our Values

James & Ordeal values its reputation and maintaining stakeholder relations is one of our core values. By employing the professionals in economic analysis and consulting, we are ensuring that our clients will receive the top quality services. The compensation policy of James & Ordeal creates opportunities for a competitive salary and full benefits package for our employees. One of our core values, transparency, has a goal of creating the honest relations with the investors and providing them with an accurate overview of our business performance.


By creating opportunities for the aspiring entrepreneurs, James & Ordeal consulting group will provide our clients with the ability to effectively manage their businesses and predict the market environment both in a short- and long-term perspectives. We believe that keeping a constant dialogue with our stakeholders is one of the keys to the success and transparency is a major factor of influence. James & Ordeal consulting group is not just a regular company that provides statistics, we focus on creating effective solutions for the development of small business in the America.

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