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What Will Students Be Like In 100 Years?

future studentIn contrast to 100 years ago the students in the 21st century are quite different from those in the past century from the manner of education to the dressing habits. Therefore students 100 years from now will be highly educated with most students having received university education. The offer of such things as scholarship will be nonexistent with the list fortunate students as well receive free education if they are willing to attend the classes and they will as well receive free meals and boarding in the learning institutions. As a matter of fact this will be due to technological need for improvements rather than the personal drive for knowledge.

Medical checkups will be free of offer to each student as reading glasses will be offered without any cost and students with learning disability won’t be isolated as they will be able to interact easily with other students. In 100 years medical technology will have advanced highly and the best care will be provided to all students. Additionally students who aren’t well off and don’t have transport to school in 100 years that won’t be an issue as the poor students will receive transportation to and from schools be it on hovercrafts or flying buses in addition to free meals. There will be no more late to class excuses or missed my SATs due to traffic jams.

During holidays all students will receive equal opportunity as the unfortunate students will as well receive opportunity to travel to other countries and experience different cultures since movement of people will be very easy. Moreover look at 50 years ago students didn’t have cell phones, tablets or laptops give 100 years to come such gadgets will be things of the past as students will teleport from one class to another use 3D projects for educational purpose and as well have sleeping pods within the institution. Students as well won’t be constricted to their own country as education will be global since movement of people will be at the speed of light students will be able to have a morning class in Spain for Spanish and a science class in Japan mid-day. Crazy as it sounds, believe me if 100 years ago you would talk of the internet, you would be crazy too.

Schools in the next 100 years huge touch screens will fill the walls of schools enabling students to be able to share information easily and check on information as well such as upcoming events or where their next class is be it in another continent. Learning institutions in 100 years will be revolutionized as schools will provide students the opportunity to pick their meals as all meals will be created using a 3D printer it will as well be personalized to the students taste. In completing their degrees students 100 years from now will be offered job placements by the learning institutions without any struggle or wastage of time. This is actually turning things differently and I keep wishing to myself I would be around in those next 100 years as a student.

However, students in some other instance may not have to attend a class as learning will be done using podcasts or students will come together to share information as assignment will be sent personally to each student and they will receive it instantly. Students will as well learn through selected challenge based on interest plus what principles and badges they are working to.  This will give them hands on experience instead of reading about what they are learning hours on end in a classroom. Furthermore it is through hands on experience that this learning takes place.

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