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How Many Essay Revisions are Enough?

Revision before exams is a necessity for most candidates who are planning to take an exam so as not to be disappointed of the exam result. Therefore so as to be able to succeed a candidate does need to put in some effort in his or her revision. So the number of revisions that you need should not be as a number. It all depends on the level of your understanding on the particular topic or field you are about to cover.

To be enabling to succeed in exams candidates should start their revision at the beginning of the year with will enable the candidate not to just memorize the information but also really understand what he is reading during the exam period. From each class a student attends he should have all the necessary notes and be able to summarize it after the classes so as during the time of exams the quantity of information won’t overwhelm the individual. During the exam period candidates should create flash cards to test themselves as that will make them feel confident before the exam. This ensures the students have enough courage and enables them to fight the exam fever or tension.

However as other do not feel comfortable starting the process at the beginning of the years they should set enough time aside for their revision be it 2-3 months before the exams. This will stop cramming before exams in which the candidate at the end of exams will forget the information. In other instances if the candidate puts in enough effort in his work this will enable the individuals to have an easy time during the time before the exams as all he has to do is just go over his notes. It feels good when answering your tests and it feels something like a de javu. That makes it more of an answering and marking scheme for the student.

Moreover revising for exam is not about how many times one is to revise but how he does his revision, other candidate does agree that instead of going hours on end revising the best method is to have short breaks within session of 2 hour. That will provide balance between working and relaxing by going for a walk or just watching some television or listening to some music. Other candidates when they revise they do not want any sort of disturbance therefore they prefer to be the only person in the room since that does seem to work for them.

All in all the best method of revision identified is to start the revision some months before the exams this will provide the right amount of time to start the revision slowly. After some sort of mock the candidate can therefore intensify his revision by making shorter notes, going through the revision guides and making of posters. To have a feel of the exam the candidate can test himself by doing some past papers over and over gains so as to be able to identify the repeated sort of questions in the exam. In a given day the candidate can have different session for different topics with each topic taking 2 hours and having 5 sessions per day. This will assist in managing the subjects and will help in identify the weak areas that need more effort and time.

Lastly each exam is not the same consequently a CAT doesn’t need the same amount of time as the final exams in such instances more priority should be given to exams which way more in terms of final results.

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