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Basics of the English Slang for Chinese Students

Not only are English and Chinese different, but also the slang they use is rather different. Being a new student in a different country is challenging enough without the added monstrosity of the slang language. Not knowing what a phrase in slang means as well as not knowing what you would say to fit in a certain form of slang is rather an awkward situation to find yourself in. Did someone ever asked to ‘hang out’ and you didn’t know how to react? Well, this is one of the most prominent issues faced by a student of a different cultural background. So here is some basic slang which could save your life. It will help you in fitting in and making friends and avoiding any kind of embarrassing situations.
chinese students

  • Awesome

It’s one of the most popular slang words in English used by everyone. It is used to express something wonderful or amazing and can be used in a sentence or as a one word.

Example 1: “It was awesome! We loved the movie.”

Example 2: “I’ll come to your house at 8 p.m.”


  • To be beat

This describes that a person is tired or exhausted and has no connection whatsoever to hitting or winning. More commonly used when trying to deny or a perspective in a negative manner.

Example: “Do you want to go out?”

“No, I can’t. I am beat today and would just like to sleep.”

  • To hang out

This slang in English is used a lot and can mean any of the three things depending on how the sentence is phrased. But it is meant to mean time spent together or the act of spending time together. May also mean the specific place or location depending on the tone of the statement.

Example 1: “So where do you hang out in evenings?”(Where do you like to spend your free time?)

“I usually go to the bar around the corner of this street.”

Example 2: “We must hang out soon.” (Spending free time together.)

“Sure. I would love that.”

Example 3: “Nothing, just hanging out with Rick.” (This means that they are free and doing nothing special.)

  • To chill out

This usually means that a person is relaxing or in some cases it means that you are overreacting. It can be used without the ‘out’ too.

Example 1: “We are chilling at the bar.”

Example 2: “We just chilled out in the weekend.”

Example 3: “You need to chill out and stop thinking so much.”

  • To be amped

This means that a person is super excited and can’t wait for something to happen.

Example: “I can’t wait to see Ed Sheeran live!”

“Yes, I’m amped too.”

  • Having a blast

Normally it means an explosion but in slang it means to have fun and an amazing time. It should be clear not to mean nothing rather than in context of good times only.

Example: “How was the concert?”

“Awesome. Everyone had a blast.”

  • Busted

This usually means that you have been caught doing something you shouldn’t have.

Example: “She got busted cheating in her exams.”

  • Having a crush

This means you are attracted to somebody and would like to know them.

Example: “I have a crush on Michael. He is so cute.”

  • Dump somebody

This describes breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Example: “He dumped me. I am devastated.”

  • Epic Fail

Epic means huge and fail is a pretty straightforward word. Now if you put those together, it means a huge failure.

Example: “Did you get your results back?”

“It was an epic fail and I have to redo the tests again.”

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