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7 Strange Reading Tools

Reading is a very engaging activity and for the right reasons, when comfortable it ensures a wonderful reading experience. It has been proved that the people that read when most comfortable tend to grasp more of what they are reading and tend to have a clear mindset of what they are reading. There are several tools that are designed just for comfortable reading and they include:

1. Bed books

bed booksThis is the type of a reading kit for a person that loves reading. It is the reading book that you take to bed with you. The books are generally printed sideways so that when you are at the bed rest position you can easily read without much strain. There is no left or right side in this book type so you have very ample time reading from any sleeping position. You do not need to sit upright to read the book. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. Bike book holder

bike book holderEver heard of Peter Golkin’s quote that says that his two favorite things in life are bicycles and libraries, well, having them combined would be the best gift to him. Now we have bicycles with a bike book holder that you can enjoy reading while cycling around. Designed slightly taller than a book to fit and avoid disturbance by wind, you can enjoy reading at the comfort of your bike.

3. Massaging Bed Rest

massaging bed restThis is a very one of a kind reading tool kit that is designed for readers while in reading in bed. Massage while reading, “uuugghhhh” I love how it feels. It is designed to be compatible with any bed size as well as fit many body shapes making it one of a kind reading tool.

4. Clear book weight

clear book weightClear book weight is a tool designed for readers with a passion for reading. Reading during a windy day involves a lot of holding on to a page, well that is gone. You can read by the beach by just placing the clear book weight on the page that you are reading and enjoy both the reading and the breeze. Also it is good when preparing meals using a recipe when you do not need to be holding on to a page with unclean hands.

5. Pentagonal reading nook

pentagonal reading nookThis reading nook is almost like a nest. You can sit comfortably or lay in whatever opposition you wish since it has space that you can fit in without much strain. Also the fact that you can support the book by your laps at whichever angle you opt makes it the most amazing tool. It is more convenient more so when you are generally lazing around and feeling the urge to read.

6. Waterproof book cover bath bag

waterproof book cover bath bagThis is an “all weather book” whether reading in the swimming pool, while in the bath tab or even when it is raining, this is a nylon bag that has slots that you put your fingers to flip over the book that you are reading. This reading tool might seem crazy at first but you will never know the fun of it until you have yourself using it and the fun of it will never cease.

7. Reading stand with roll holder

reading stand with roll holderReading while doing your business in the bathroom has become now a reality. This reading tool that is designed to support iPads and tablets that you can read while in the bathroom has proven to be the kind of tool that comes as a surprise too that many people want to own. With its uniqueness and ease of use, it has found itself in many homes worldwide.
These reading tools just make reading more fun and involving like never before!

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