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Example of Short Novel

Example of short novel is a literature piece aimed to provide the audience with an outstanding and clear word form that depicts even the most ordinary objects or events. Most often, example of short novel is embodied with an inner meaning that the author reveals through the development of the storyline and interaction of characters. It could describe actual events of the author’s life or could be a fiction that skillfully displays patterns of the human behavior and actions in a metaphoric or exaggerated form. Furthermore, a good short novel should ensure the reader with an ability to analyze the story plot to take advantage of the author’s experience to be able to act in real life circumstances. Therefore, a short novel may use controversial social issues or conflicts to help the reader to understand the human nature and the surrounding world along with the development of the analytical thinking.

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The Capacity of the Riverbed

This morning, a junior engineer Ben was noticing strange figures during the standard measurement procedure of the riverbed capacity. For a long time, the Creepstone River has been used as a water source for the cooling down tanks of the factory’s production facilities. The “Mighty Towers” Factory was the only known workplace for the majority of local citizens in the whole neighborhood of Creepstone City. That is why all the inhabitants were so much concerned about the welfare of the factory and were willing to turn a blind eye to all the pollution emitted into the air. Therefore, Ben has also become very concerned about the situation with the riverbed and went personally to check what happened on the Creepstone River.

Having reached the river, Ben has discovered a surprising picture. Not far from the bridge over the river, the water flow was blocked by a huge heap of tree branches. It seemed that this heap did not resemble by accident, but was a result of the well-organized work of skilled craftsmen and they were not long in coming. By a small group of four units, the beavers were approaching to their dam. It became apparent that the dam has caused the clogging of the channel. Indeed, it was a genuine clash of industrial man and nature.

The first thought that came to Ben’s mind was an urgent need to destroy the dam to restore capacity, otherwise, the river can get out of the banks and flood the surrounding area. With this in mind, Ben went back to the factory. First of all, he sent a report to the Environment Department in response to which Ben has been invited to a meeting with a factory’s ecologist Brianna. After discussing the urgent issue, they both went to the beavers’ dam to obtain a broader view of the situation. When Brianna first saw the dam and harmoniously coordinated efforts of small hard workers, she hastened to reassure Ben with his hot-tempered decision about the demolition of the dam.

– Ben, we cannot destroy this dam. It is their future home. The beavers are building the dam, as well as our forefathers have built Creepstone City. What do you think, if we destroy it, we will help nature by returning the riverbed to its normal state? No, we inflict nature with another harmful blow and this is exactly what our factory makes day by day. We must use every slightest opportunity to be in harmony with nature, rather than look for the easiest way. These beavers have put all capabilities in this dam, but the human capacity is much greater than just a power to destroy everything in their path for benefit and convenience.

-So what are we supposed to do?

-We can move the dam downstream by the water.

-But would the beavers follow the dam, rather than build a new one?

-Did you think that they would not build a new one if we tore down the old?

-I thought it would scare them.

-People should not instill fear but help nature.

At this point, the conflict was settled. After a week of preparation, the dam has been moved along with the beavers to a new specially selected location. Moreover, after the flooding of the surrounding area, it was decided to establish a new recreation park on the Beaverbed Lake.

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