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6 Creative Writing Essay Prompts to Impress Your Reader in the Introduction

All writers should use creative writing essay prompts for all parts of the paper. Of course, the written part of any assignment begins with the introduction. This is an important part because it introduces the entire work. Accordingly, you should pay special attention to the introductory section of your writing.

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When composing the introductory part, you should give heed to two basic points. Firstly, you should capture the readers’ attention. Secondly, it is necessary to introduce the topic clearly. These two basic aspects should be fulfilled in a definite way to guarantee success.

Here is the proper method on how to start the introduction properly:

  1. Make a broad introduction. You should make a catchy introductory part and thus, it should be broad. Notwithstanding, don’t make it messy and difficult for understanding. Tell about your topic and specify your objectives. A too broad beginning will not do any good.
  2. Introduce relevant background. Your readers will be expecting some interesting and important facts concerning your research. You should give them what they wish to get their attraction. Nonetheless, don’t introduce the true argument. Remember that you will have the main body paragraphs, where you should develop your argument.
  3. Provide useful information. Mind that you should use only relevant and proven information. There should be no fakes. Always check the things you are going to discuss.
  4. Avoid clichés. At times, it is really difficult to avoid using some well-known things to everybody. However, you should do your best and skip all possible clichés. You are supposed to be original.
  5. Be convincing. Using relevant data and implementing smart techniques, you may make your paper more attractive. Convince your audience that your research is essential and worth reading it.
  6. Write the thesis statement. At times, students state the thesis statement right at the end of the introductory part. This is the most important element of any essay. Accordingly, you should take this matter seriously. It will reveal your main idea, concepts, structure manner, subject, and opinion. Try to be persuasive and straight to the point.

Make allowances for all these necessities and you can count on the great success with your introduction.

How to Capture the Reader’s Attention?

In order to grab a reader’s attention, you may use some effective methods. Every beginner knows that it is necessary to write the introduction clearly. So, you should use definitions and summaries. You should introduce the main problem of the research. It can be revealed with the help of a clear definition. However, you may use a metaphor, statistics or comparison.

Some experienced authors use a shocker to surprise the reader or an anecdote to make the topic readable. Of course, you should not forget about strong quotations, which may fully reflect your main idea. The usefulness of an expert opinion has a strong influence on the reader and provides you with credibility.

Following these tips, you will hook the attention of your readers from the very first sentence.

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