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7 Ethics Case Studies Students Should Use to Gain Inspiration from

studentWriting a paper or essay on an ethical matter is quite interesting, and many students choose papers on ethics to prove a point and bring more value to their written words. However, finding trusted sources to back up your paper can be challenging. The best are cases studies on ethics because they’re usually based on actual research and real statistical analyses. Check out these 7 ethics case studies; they should help you write a qualitative essay or paper that will surely wow your professors.

1. Copyright Concerns by Clare Barlett

“Copyright Concerns” is an excellent case study that lays out the importance of copyright in the tech industry. The paper discusses how a computer start-up company is on the verge of violating copyright laws if it chooses to re-use a code that belongs to another company.

2. Freedom of  Speech, Facebook & Teens Worldwide by Irina Raicu

Should Facebook permit teens under 13 to open an account? Should the social media giant set different rules and regulations for the under-aged? This case study caters to such questions, and it rises up some pretty intriguing points. It will definitely bring more value into your ethical college paper.

3. Using the “Holocaust” Metaphor by Jill Hamilton

PETA’s 2003 campaign, “Holocaust on Your Plate” compares animal slaughtering with the infamous Holocaust event that led to the death of nearly 6 million Jews. Is the analogy right or wrong? Is it ethical to use such a metaphor or not? If you’re writing a paper on animals’ rights, then this case study is a great source to get inspired from.

4. The Drinking Age: The Ethics Behind Change by Logan Peterson

The legal drinking age in the US is 21. In other countries, it’s 18. Should the United States lower the number, or not? There are certain risks associated with under-aged drinking, although many students don’t care about any of them. This ethics case study highlights some clear points on alcohol consumption by the youth. It should definitely inspire you to write an amazing paper.

5. Browsing or Cyberstalking by Akshay Vyas

Should checking up on your ex or even close friends on social media be considered stalking? This ethical case study focuses on the pros and cons of this idea, and the arguments are quite plausible. Some say there’s a line that people often cross, especially since Facebook doesn’t let its users see who checked their profile or how many times their profile was viewed by someone.

6. Placing Unreasonable Expectations on a Student by CCAB

Many students are pressured to perform an unreasonable amount of work when they get a new job, in spite of their lack of experience. This case study talks about the difference between constructive and destructive feedback at the work place, so it should definitely be useful when writing an ethics essay, term paper or thesis.

7. We’ve Got You Covered by Pat Wolfe and Others

This ethics study focuses on a registered nurse’s incompetent behavior and inability to care for his patients. If you’re writing a paper in the medical field, tackling this subject and mentioning this case study will definitely improve the value of your paper.

There lots of interesting ethics case studies out there to gain inspiration from. It all depends on your paper’s main subject. Check out the ones we’ve mentioned and take your college paper on to the next level.

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