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Got an Abortion Research Essay? Use Some Tips!

research essay on abortionSo, you’ve finally joined those students who have faced the task to complete an abortion research essay and you wonder how they made through that? Let us give you several useful tips on how to do the essay and get the grade you wish.

Abortion is considered to be one of the most arguable issues of our time and thus, it can be really interesting to conduct research for. Still, at the same time the topic is too serious to write something like, “All abortions should be banned for they are 100% bad”. In order to impress your college and university tutors, make sure to keep in mind the following suggestions.

Make a research on abortion & study the perspectives

Of course it is impossible to discuss all the aspects of the topic you have in a single research essay. To narrow down the issue, make sure to pick only one side and concentrate on it.

1). Ethics. Do you consider abortion to be a murder? Are there situations when abortion is the only way out? What these cases may be (incest, sex assault, serious disabilities of a fetus)? Or, should a pregnant woman deliver a baby in any case?

2). Psychology. Spend some time investigating the recent studies on abortion and discuss the psychological side of the termination of pregnancy. Researches and findings reveal that abortion can cause serious health and psychological problems.

3). Statistics. Yes, it is a well-known fact that there are too many pregnancy terminations nowadays. Nonetheless, there was a small decrease (9%)in the number of purposely induced abortions in 2000-2008 in the USA. Make an effort to discuss this tendency and the evidence that every 12 seconds there’s a pregnancy that is being terminated.

Tips for Writing a High Quality Research Essay about Abortion

As you can see, there are tons of various approaches you may apply to deal with an abortion research essay. Once you give preference to the most interesting one, consider the following recommendations:

1). Perform a thorough research on a given topic, choose, save and evaluate the most appropriate articles. Remember, you have the right to make use of the latest information sources only in order to find relevant data and estimate all results.

2). Make sure to take “against” or “for” position and wrap it up with a thought-provoking and interesting thesis statement. Your task is to make your reader say “Oh my God, and what happens next?!” after reading your thesis. For instance, a winning research essay thesis statement can be the following: “Taking into consideration the health-threatening and unethical side of the issue, every woman should be provided with the constitutional right to terminate pregnancy only in emergency cases, such as disabilities that were detected in the development of the fetus”.

3). Create an outline for the essay and make sure you take into consideration all the counterarguments to information you provide. When working on the project, study both sources that support and those that oppose your viewpoint.

It is all you need to know in order to begin a serious investigation on the topic and get it done triumphantly.

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