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A Brief Outline on Adam Smith’s Biography

adam smith essayAdam Smith was born in Kirkaldy (the country of Fife, Edinburg, Scotland) in 1723. Smith’s mother, Margaret, had come originally from a family of landowners. The father of Adam Smith passed away several months before his son was born.

At the age of fourteen Adam Smith started a course of moral philosophy at the University of Glasgow. In 1737 Smith was greatly influenced by Francis Hutcheson’s philosophy and his life in Glasgow, which at the time was known as a heart of “Scottish Enlightenment“.

In 1740 Adam Smith graduated and received “Snell Exhibition” scholarship, which has opened the door to the Oxford University’s Balliol College.

At Oxford Smith was surrounded by the displeasure of the authorities of the university because of his growing interest in the David Hume’s philosophical works. David Hume was the so-called son of the “Scottish Enlightenment” and the author of “A Treatise of Human Nature”, which promoted philosophy of “atheism”. Being dissatisfied by the teaching standards of Oxford, Smith returned home in 1746.

While staying at home in 1751, Adam Smith rendered public lectures that gave him an opportunity to become the Professor of Logic at the University of Glasgow. In 1752 he successfully sat on a chair of Professor of Moral Philosophy at the Glasgow University.

Though Adam Smith gained a reputation of a highly-talented and interesting lecturer, he preferred to spend most of his time with book rather than taking part in social situations. Having an opportunity to get acquainted with the most influential individuals in business and intellectual area, Adam Smith was still under the “Scottish Enlighten” influence.

In 1759, Adam Smith’s major work “Theory of Moral Sentiments” hooked great attention far beyond Great Britain, providing Smith with a reputation of a highly intellectual individual.

Having spent some time in the continental Europe, Smith had some time to meet Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke and Edward Gibbon. His brand-new well-regarded ideas and professional reputation resulted in his being chosen as a Royal Society member (prestigious intellectual union).

With a reputation of an educated and experienced tutor to the Duke of Bucchleuch Smith gained an annuity. Having returned to Scotland, Adam Smith spent most of his time with his mother in Kirkcaldy and dedicated his studies to the “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”, which was published in 1776.

Adam Smith became the Edinburg University rector in 1777 and in 1778 he became the Scotland commissioner of customs.

The life of Adam Smith ended in 1790, on July 17th, in Scottish capital.

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