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Animal Rights: They Do Exist!

animal rights essayWhen God gave us our life, He also created beautiful living creatures which also have the right to live on the same planet. Without a doubt, we are the superior in thoughts and power, but unfortunately we tend to forget about the responsibility, which comes to us with our power. While some human beings truly believe that animal rights exist, the others only consider animals to be the food and medical research issues.

According to my personal belief, animals have the same feelings and go through the same depth of pain and love as we do. If you take a look at your pet, you will definitely notice that when loved deeply, it will always return love in many various folds.

The only difference lies in their inability to say what they feel. When cared of and looked after very well, animals can even sacrifice their lives for us! A lot of humans seem to be unable to do the same.

Luckily, a lot of people are truly animal lovers. They make sure to provide animals with good care and ensure no animal around is being hurt. Even if the question is about a little hamster or a kitten, they provide the best care and make certain the animal feels comfortable and safe.

If you just try to analyze animals, you will notice that just like us animals also have families, they take care of their babies and are also bonded by love. So when we take the little ones from them, just imagine how much pain and suffering they feel! They suffer no less than our kind, when we’re distant from our beloved ones.

While on the one side there are human beings who are ready to give anything to save animals, on the other side we see the ones who do not care about them. These people hurt animals or even kill them for pleasure and fun. They study them and have no regrets in the process.

If you and me would never prefer to spend our days away from the people dear to our heart or locked in a cage, then why do we decide to treat animals that way? Before taking any measures, it is highly important to think what this act is going to mean to them.

But if we can somehow justify killing animals to obtain certain nutrition elements, depriving little fellows of their lives to just create luxurious products is a crime no matter what. Because of our desire to satisfy our ego, certain species of animals are nowadays at verge of extinction. To my opinion, this is a crime and there should be a solid punishment. Killing the fluffy fellows just for fun or for human pleasure cannot be justifiable.

Just like you and me, animals also have the right to live in this world and never be afraid of us. If we call ourselves “homo sapience”, we have to understand and learn to respect animals and treat them with love.

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