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Argument in college writing

This day makes us suspicious. Especially, our thoughts are always brought in question by the society, the teachers, friends, parents and, finally, by ourselves. Sure, there should be something that can turn over someone’s views and world outlook. Such a motive power actually exists, it is an argument. Exactly argument helps us to prove our thoughts and it has a great influence on our mind. Proving something to somebody is integral part of our life and college essay writing, the process which requires arguing time and again, is really inalienable part of our studies.

Investigating in college writing should start from the definition of what college argument is. This concept of argument is based in the expectations of readers to see the reason, which will make them agree with precise thought. So, argument consists of few consecutive statements. It doesn’t include just disagreeable disputes, but mostly kind of dialog with person whose thoughts are interesting and important to pay attention to. When we are writing a paper first of all we should not just express what we think, we should show our thoughts in such a way to make them clear, interesting and understandable to others. We should rouse the curiosity of our words among people.

There is a wide-spread misunderstanding between students that they may express their opinions in any way they want, ignoring the main principle of argument. It doesn’t mean that our private opinions are not important, but they should be supported by convincing proof. People must have grounds for accepting someone’s thought. The main aim of university is first of all to bring science in peoples’ thought. People shouldn’t just express what they think; they should show and prove others that their ideas are mattered.

Therefore, the argumentative paper should include two different points: the one for support and another – to object. Only in this way the reader can choose whether agree or disagree with precise viewpoint. Thus, a comparison is the necessity for any decision to be taken.

Sure we can not confirm that every our thought is absolutely right and each conclusion is complete. That is why we give people a possibility to choose whether they should agree or disagree with our point.

So, as a conclusion we can state that an argument implies a conversation between people who want to find true basis. College education includes all those values. During the process of studying we gather information, do research and make decisions which influence our ability to evaluate, think and write to grow.

So, our idea should be heard and proved. Thoughts we express should not be just simple information. They should be a palpable knowledge that can influence one’s mind. In order to reach this goal we should be guided by a simple principle – the principle of argument.

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