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How to Write an Argumentative Essay: 4 Easy Steps

argumentative essay writing, argumentative essay topics So, you need to start writing an argumentative essay, but you have no idea of what should go first. Smart planning and specific approach will 100% make the process of working with the argumentative essay topics easier and even enjoyable in some way. Make sure to pick your topic carefully.

–          Make it arguable (your topic should be debatable – who would oppose you & why?)

–          Select relevant and contemporary topic (make your paper linked to the ideas and beliefs of the present. Approach the most current issues and events to find inspiration – does your essay topic matter for someone else at the moment?)

–          The argumentative essay topic should be valuable to you. Moreover, it has to be not just hooking for the readers, but also include solid knowledge that you would like to pursue for not just a grade but for a personal benefit as well. Write on the topic you really care about for you will give the best result only when having your personal investment.

Narrow down your essay topic. A lot of popular topics, such as euthanasia and smoking, are broad enough, which means you need to concentrate on a specific issue related to more general topic. Thus, you will make it manageable for a specific research.

Start Writing an Argumentative Essay with a Complex Research

Everybody make use of Google for it is easy and always there for you. Nonetheless, a bunch of material online is pretty risky and inaccurate. Thus, you need to make sure all information you copy from the Internet is actually taken from trustworthy professional web sites. Do not put aside an opportunity to visit your local library. Even in the Internet-addicted world books are still the most solid source of educational information.

Work on the Argumentative Essay Topics & Express Your Judgement

Remember, your college or university argumentative essay instructor is not actually interested in what side you are going to take when writing the essay. She is more curious about in what way you will defend your side, how you’ll analyse the evidence and plan up the most reasonable response. Stop thinking that someone is right or wrong, generating the best quality arguments is not a completion! Instead, you must concentrate on the essay “argument line” – how you research and develop your project by complying with your readers’ interests, needs and demands, integrating rock-solid and reliable evidence, and showing a thorough understanding on the given topic.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay? Make It More Complex!

There’s a list of certain patterns or “moves” that can be used by the essay author in order to improve his argument and to show critical thinking on the topic assigned to him. Mind the ones provided below:
–          Qualification, which means to limit your personal position to particular situations or contexts, a so-called “of course, but…” perspective. The thing is that qualifying will show that you understand the issue complexity and have an original perspective on it.
–          Investigation of the argument of the opposing side: you must know your enemy! Examining all the other perspectives on the argumentative essay topic has 2 basic “pluses”: you show that you 100% know what it all is about; you know how to make your position more solid by comparing it to the others.
–          Provide a solution; a reasonable solution to the issue discussed within the essay that will build a solid conclusion.
–          Investigate the implications: in what way this issue can influence the whole world or some individuals? Talking about what is there waiting your topic ahead makes a well-built, logical and solid approach to a conclusion.

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