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Argumentative Essay Writing for Beginners

argumentative essay writingArgumentative essays are among the most common types of assignments given to students whatever discipline they study, because their main purpose is to teach you how to prove your point of view, look for information that justifies your opinion, use the evidence you find and so on. And these skills are valuable in any discipline. Thus, when you first deal with argumentative essay writing, you shouldn’t worry very much – whatever you do, you are likely to make mistakes, and the only way to learn how to write this kind of papers properly is to write them often and take into account all the corrections your tutor attracts your attention to.

Choosing Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay

First of all, always try to find a topic you are really interested in or, at least, the one you won’t need to research for too much. It will save you a lot of time and effort, which is especially handy if the deadline is already pretty near. Somebody may consider it to be a kind of cheating, because argumentative essay as such is supposed to be a way of learning how to do research on topics you are not familiar with (among other things), but still, you simply use the knowledge you acquired beforehand and don’t break any rules, at the same time making your task much easier. And the importance of this cannot be overestimated, particularly when you don’t have a lot of experience in dealing with argumentative essays. If, however, you are limited in the choice of ideas for an argumentative essay you have to write, try to narrow your thesis paper to something that will be relatively easy to find information and evidence for.

How to Write an ArgumentativeEssay on Sex Education

Argumentative essay presupposes that its topic is a controversial one – there should be several points of view on it, often diametrically opposite to one another, and you should support one of them, at the same time finding reasons why all the rest are incorrect, illogical or outright immoral. That is why such topic as sex education is often used as a basis for argumentative essays – different people evaluate this practice in completely different ways. When writing your own essay on sex education, you may settle for a simple topic, like trying to prove that it is a universally good or wrong thing, or go into details, for example, trying to establish the degree to which it should be present in schools, or the age at which it should start, or whether it should be voluntary on the part of parents or not. Don’t worry about not finding enough data on it – it is a kind of a topical subject of today, and you are sure to find a ton of articles, statistics, research results and suchlike to support any point of view you choose. Just make sure you first look for information and only then start writing – otherwise you may get into an awkward situation.

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