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Basic Essay Structure

There are different ways for writing essays. Some people prefer standard five-paragraph essays, others think that it is too much of a limitation for the writer; but generally all essays have much in common.

Basically every essay is composed of three parts:

  • I. Introduction.
  • II. Body.
  • III. Conclusion.

An Introduction familiarizes the reader with the topic and includes General statements and Thesis statement. These statements have to establish the purpose of the paper and provide the reader with a roadmap of the main points of the essay.

Body is the most important part of the essay. This part contains numerous topic sentences and evidence for them. It is very important that every key sentence was supported by proper details and proving facts. All the sentences throughout the essay are to be interconnected and the transition between paragraphs and sentences has to be clear and understandable. The writer has to remember that the Body is just the developed introduction and should not include totally new points.

Conclusion is a part of an essay where NO new ideas and information has to be exposed. The purpose of it is to restate all the main points in short and to finish with an inference derived from all the points mentioned above.

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