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The Outstanding Results by Bigjavan

Below is the summary interview with bigjavan, who no longer bids for orders and works with returning customers mostly.

The journey to the top has been both long and complex. I am yet to see any competition that can be won without hard work and dedication. I had been in freelance writing for over nine years when I joined thepensters. I felt truly honored when my application was accepted. However, I must admit that the excitement and expectations that followed the acceptance soon faded away when I realized it was not a bed of roses. It was bid after bid, but none was accepted. All I wanted was to get the first order, and use it to prove my worth. When I realized my “sweet” bidding messages could not work, I turned to my bid price, and lowed it tremendously, but it bore no fruits. After three months of bidding, one client trusted me with his job, and I delivered “a masterpiece” way before deadline; that was my breakthrough.

Today, I have dedicated myself to timely delivery, the highest possible quality, 0% plagiarism, and effective communication with my clients. Being a successful freelancer may require more than the above, but lacking them is a guaranteed failure.

I have completed orders in diverse disciplines and levels of study. Currently, I prefer working on long orders like projects, proposals, thesis, dissertations, and other research papers. On average, I complete 30-150 pages in a month.

My bragging rights

I am the only writer in the company who no longer bid on orders; I wait for return customers. What’s more, I have the pleasure of turning down jobs if I know I will not deliver the highest possible quality. My results speak for themselves; I am the best-rated writer! 4.88/5.00

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