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Biographical Narrative Essay: Example on How to Handle the Assignment

do my assignmentThere’s no need to be prolix, we shall start with the basic guidelines on how to write biographical narrative essay straight away. As a rule, this type of an essay is produced from a personal point of view combined with the info on the writer or someone who is close enough to her/him. In other words, the biographical narrative essay involves stories from personal life of an individual, all the struggles he had to face and his journey from one life point to another. When working on this essay, there’s no need to get nervous, for this is where you can express your feelings about the issue and engage your reader to feel what you once had to feel.

First thing you’re supposed to do is determine the narrative direction. What is the key point of the story you’re going to tell? What will your reader make of the project? As a rule, the biographical narrative purpose is stated in the essay assignment.

The easiest way might be to pick up three or four anecdotes that will be suitable for the chosen narrative direction. Some authors recommend concentrating on anecdotes in one of the following fields: the significance of the individual in your personal life, the number one characteristic that is of the greatest importance to the narrative direction, the impact of the person on your inner world.

Design a simple beginning, the middle part and the conclusion of every anecdote. Make certain to naturally finish off each anecdote and do your best to have it smoothly flowing into the body of the main content. One of the ways to organize your assignment is in chronological order.

Tell every anecdote with great attention to sensory details. Thus, your reader will be able to vividly picture what it said within the essay.

It is important to pepper the biographical narrative writing with thought-provoking ideas and summaries. Point out the elements that are significant. Each anecdote is supposed to involve information that will serve as a link for the whole narrative. For instance, in case the biographical narrative mentions the benefits of being a nurse, then a story from your childhood about taking care of a kitten will show how these things are related to your profession nowadays.

Generate an introductive section and a sum-up paragraph that is supposed to tie together all the key points of the narrative.

The editing phase is about eliminating all the “walking details” – minor info pieces that are irrelevant to the general telling of the story. For example, if your biographical narrative is based on a person dealing with difficulties in basketball, it is highly important to describe the rules, the field, the risks the players face with in the game. Nonetheless, you may cross out the details about the color of the uniform for it is of no importance.

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