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Case Study on Recruitment and Selection

recruitment and selectionFrom time to time, each company faces the necessity to employ new staff. This process encompasses a range of consecutive actions that the most appropriate candidates are finally selected. Apart a common set of activities, some companies invent own internal, usually secret, methods to get the best human resources that perfectly meet the company’s requirements. This case considers the particular case study on recruitment and selection that is related to the retail business company “Venus’ Style”. As its activity is primarily customer-oriented, the selection of Internet shop assistants and managers becomes a key factor of the advancement of the company’s business.


The retail business company “Venus’ Style” promotes Internet sales all over the world. It has an advanced official web-site that encompasses a lot of customer services, such as live chat, support mail, delivery and return service, V.I.P. database, and others. That was the reason why the company permanently searched for new employees to maintain functioning of all services of the retail business.


The crucial problem that the company periodically faced with was the staff turnover. As company served customers from all time zones, an Internet shop assistant’s work was organized by shifts. According to this, night shifts were usually the most overloaded time which involved the most intensive work processes. Unfortunately, these busy nights were often accompanied with interpersonal (client-worker) misunderstandings and even conflicts that ended up with the employees quits.

Solution Plan:

In this situation, the problems are connected to the fact that an HR management of the company does not include the individual approach. New employees do not feel engaged in the common deal and thus, do not treat their duties enough carefully and patiently. Correspondingly, the first task the company aims to perform is providing exceptionally comfortable work conditions so that its employees can avoid stressful situations. In this aspect, it is necessary to revise and reestablish the core values of the company.

Accordingly, the employees start participating in discussions of work conditions; hence, a top-down run method, which is typical for most organizations, is rejected. An updated hiring operation in “Venus’ Style” includes a specific method to select right humans. The innovative point of the company’s core principles is related to the determination of personal features of each candidate’s character. To be specific, “Venus’ Style” provides a taxi for the candidate who applies for a position; at the very end, the taxi drivers opinion of the potential employee is taken into account by the recruiter. Thus, even if the person makes progress in a job interview, he or she can fail this application in case of the rude regard to the taxi driver.


Ultimately, not every candidate got the chance to join “Venus’ Style” team. Over the updated hiring process, the company managed to hire right people that contributed to great mutual outcomes. The sales show the effectiveness of this policy: for the previous season, they have enlarged from $2,6 million to $5.1 million globally. Especially progressive is that over eighty percent of them are based on the repeat clients. Furthermore, the company continues to develop the people-oriented policy and thus, to ensure its employees’ loyalty.


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