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Choosing a topic for a successful paper

When you have an assignment to write a paper and make your own topic, the first difficulty which you confront with is What Topic to write on. This is the first and mainly one of the most important problems, because everything depends on what topic you have chosen.

I will try to help you.

You should do a Brainstorm to figure out what topics are you interested in and what topics are you able to write about. Try to write down as many as you can. Then, write down the set of requirements and cross out those topics that do not meet those requirements.

First of all choose topics that you personally are interested in and would like to discuss. If you don’t like the topic you have chosen the readers will hardly like the way you write about this topic.

Cross out all the topics that you are not competent at, or try to find some information about them to know more. You can not write about things you don’t know. The most interesting topics are those which are written by experts in this or that area. So figure out which area you are an expert in and try to write about it.

Cross out all simple topics that are common and typical in order not to be repeated by anybody else. The worst thing that could happens is that you will be asked to rewrite your paper. And you don’t want that, let alone the problems with plagiarism.

When choosing a topic – try to think through all the aspects of this topic, all the pros and cons, the difficulty of writing it, explaining it and understanding. The best topic is the one, which has been thought through thoroughly from the beginning to the end.

Always state the audience that you are writing to their frame of reference, for them to be interested in it. It looks very poor when the paper is written not considering the readers’ experience, knowledge base and practical interests. Do not make opinions that fundamentally differ from generally accepted ones.

Try to choose a topic you have experience in. A paper is a lot better when it is personalized and not just flows with general statements.

Choose a topic according to your scientific and knowledge base level. Otherwise it will be either too simple or too hard to express yourself.

Make sure that opinions in your paper do not contradict to your inner self.

For example, if you smoke, it is not very good if you will write that smoking kills, leads to cancer etc.

Try to avoid topics that are generally accepted and are not interesting to write about or to read.

Think about something original and brand new. It is however possible to contribute something new in already scrutinized topic which may be interesting process for the writer and will draw attention of the readers.

Another step is to choose a concrete topic for not to be too vast. For these aims always keep in mind the amount of pages that you should write, and count how many pages this or that topic will require.

Finally, choose a topic that has a purpose. You can discuss some problems, which really affect you, you can persuade, and prove. I hope, that with these suggestions you will be able to write a perfect paper and get a good grade for it.

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