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Choosing a topic for Admission Essay

Admission Essays are quite different from the essays students got used to in high schools. And so are the topics for them. But in all cases they have one thing in common: they are all related to writer’s personality, skills, achievements and willingness to study in a particular college.

The most common topics for Admission Essays are:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Describe your personal, professional and academic goals.
  3. Do you have a Role Model? How did he/she come to be one?
  4. Describe an event that influenced your life a lot.
  5. Why do you wish to study at our college and how do you explain the major you chose?
  6. What can you offer to our University?
  7. Describe your strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Evaluate one specific experience that strongly influenced your academic life.
  9. What particular skills can you offer? How are they related to your major?
  10. What made you decide to continue your education and go to university?

This list may be much greater depending on the policies and requirements of precise institution. There are hundreds of topics for this kind of Essays, but to choose the right one you will need to consider following instructions:

Your Essay has to be personalized as much as possible. Evaluators have spent so much time reading generalized information that they do not want to hear it again. Never write too many jokes and gimmicks. When using jokes in your essay make sure people will laugh at them. Otherwise it will have only negative effect on you. Do not list your achievements and data which are provided in your application forms. Make sure you stay close to the topic throughout the entire essay. Make sure you can do it when choosing a topic. Do not admit your weaknesses. Instead list your strengths. Try not to use excuses in the essay, better provide a specific reason for any of your bad scores in the application form. Do not make things up in your essay. Just think about your experiences well and you will find examples from your experience. Open yourself to the reader. He needs to understand what kind of person you are and have a good impression about you. Do not “overdo” your Admission essay. You can not be a perfect person and nobody will believe you to be one. The entire paper is to be interesting. Make sure you connect the sentences and paragraphs in such way that it will be a one EXCITING story.

If you think about all of these instructions before you choose a topic you will definitely find the right topic for yourself, have a good grade and get into the college of your dream!!!

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