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Your Studying Life Online: Cloud Storage

cloud storageHave you ever experienced the following: you are working on some paper, and then something happens to your computer and the precious file suddenly gets lost? Storing information on the hard drive has never been a safe option. Although hard drives are long-livers, they can unexpectedly crash whatever the reason might be. How about storing your files on all your devices at the same time and on no device at all? Cloud storages are all about that.

Rather than relying on technology greatly, you must think about three things — accessibility, security, and reliability. Cloud storage services win in all three aspects. First of all, you can create a file on one device and access it from any other device you choose — you just need to know your login and password at the storage service. Secondly, you do not rely on the stability of your technology. Your file is stored on the remote servers and your devices simultaneously.

It is crucial for you as a student to have access to your assignments any time, not just because you want to have them all in one place, but also because you always change your locations during the usual college day. You also might want to share information with your fellow students or professors, or you might be doing a group project. Cloud storage services deal with all these issues perfectly. Let us view the following four services that are here to make your life easier by storing your assignments, photos, and other files for you


Everyone knows Dropbox for its 2GB of free space, and a range of upgrading options. It is the right service when you need to save something there from your holiday photos to a dissertation. Whenever you want to share something, you just choose the object and copy its link. The best feature of this service is the ability to increase your storage up to 16GB by inviting friends, adding devices, and other actions.

Google Drive

This is the universal service for cloud storage and collaboration with 15GB of free space. You can not only create folders and upload files to them, but you can also use an arsenal of Google’s basic office software, such as Docs, Spreadsheets, and Drawing. You can create collaborative documents by starting one, sharing it onto others, and choosing the “can edit” option. Google has started a new service called Classroom which allows managing school tasks and accessing them online anytime. It is also free for students and teachers.

OneDrive from Microsoft

OneDrive is very similar to Google’s Drive. It offers everyone 15GB of disk space for free as well. The Office Online software has the functionality of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

My Study Life

My Study Life is a free storage service designed particularly for students and teachers (professors). They can create course programs there, add assignments, and do lots of things. It is like a virtual classroom, but with a powerful storage. It has a nice interface and is quite simple to use. If you are planning to use particular cloud storage for your school or college, then this one is good.

If you are not using cloud storage yet, you should start doing it right now. There is a fair choice of them on the web, including the best ones like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and My Study Life. With their help, students can keep their assignments organized and always at hand. No excuses like “my floppy drive has crashed” will ever work again.

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