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Guide to College Slang for International Students

Heading off to college but do you know the lingo? The college slang or lingo may vary some from college to college but there are specific terms that will allow the student to blend in and understand the other students’ lingo. Terms may be used to describe people, places and actions that may seem foreign to the student. Familiarize yourself with these terms and don’t be the freshasauras on campus which is a clueless freshman or will you choose to be a fab freshman who is highly motivated.



college slangIndividuals may be described by their actions, social status, and perceived intelligence levels. The term “all that” may refer to someone who seems superior or who acts as a superior to their peers but those who feel they run the school or may actually do so are commonly referred to as Alpha Greek. Bag monsters can be either a person who sleeps all day or an imaginary monster that traps you in bed against ones will. Another term for a lazy person is couch potato, which would indicate the person is very inactive. In considering sizes two words can be used. A blimp is considered to be a person who is overweight and a big mouth is someone who talks too much or too loudly.

As with many areas policemen are frequently referred to as cops and students who are afraid to try new things are commonly referred to as chicken. A cop who has been on the job a while might be considered a pro as well as anyone else who is proficient in something. The parking police are called the parking Gestapo.  If the cop is old as well as some professors and staff they may be called Wang Chung.



Many places have their own slang names such as an antler festival, which is a term for parties that more women are expected to attend than men. These festivals are likely to have boozes or alcohol readily available. It is likely most students at these parties will become bombed or intoxicated.

Couples may get together at one of these parties and end up playing house or in a meaningful relationship where they spend most of their time together. Playing house will not be a piece of cake. It can be quite difficult with all of the other components of college.

The restroom can be a pit stop along the way of where the students are going. The restroom is also known as a John. Do not be surprised if asking where the restroom is gets perceived as lame.



It is important to know the slang terms for actions especially if you are invited to participate in something you should know what to expect. For instance if asked to throw someone a bone it might look quite silly to literally throw a bone at them while instead they are simply asking you to cut them a break or some slack. The person could be asking for some time to screw around or veg out which means some time to have fun or just relax. Understanding the lingo keeps things from needing to be explained to you umpteen times and you can appear sharp.

Add some other slang forms that you believe are useful for international students.

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