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Common Mistakes in Your Blogs

Dear Writers,

Let me share with you the common mistakes of writing blogs:

  • many don’t include the title of the blog, and leave it with the default name: New post at 8 Jun 2011 13:49:33. It’s very wrong, following the guide published in the news: How to promote your blog in the Internet, it says there: “It is very important to have your keyword as a title(anchor text) for a link, as it will raise your positions in Search Results for this keyword”. Do not neglect with this and include the keywords you are using in the blog title as well.
  • many of you publish whole papers in the blogs. It’s ok, but not all of your blogs should be like that. Remember about keywords, and that you should adjust each blog post (even if it’s a paper) with the needed amount of keywords (choose about 2-3 of them, and fill the blog post with this keyword).


Do not write blogs on any topics, choose 3-4 topics you specialise at, choose definite keywords you want to advertise your account with, and write blogs using these definite keywords.

This way is much better, as your link will appear on the first page of Google request on your keywords faster, than if you write each blog with different keywords.

Remember to make a keyword research using free tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal in order to find low competitive keywords.

Put definite goals before yourself, like to appear in top 10 results in Google by request: “fate in romeo and juliet essay”. And do everything possible to be in top 10 by this request (How you can check this?- Put your chosen keyword in google and check on what page your link appears).

After you reach your goal – I am more than sure customers will start coming to you by this requests. But this is all about long-term perspective and gaining customers.

Please, leave your comments if you have any questions,

ThePensters Team

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