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Compare and Contrast Thesis Examples

Somebody is writing compare and contrast thesisThe thesis statement is the central part of an essay or research paper which reflects the purpose, main idea, or claim of the writing. In most cases, it is placed in the introductory paragraph and gives brief information about the content of the text. In other words, its essential function is to summarize the main ideas of the paper in order to provide its readers with the understanding of the discussed topic. Among the diverse types of thesis statements, there are compare and contrast thesis examples.

Compare and contrast thesis examples tend to compare and contrast several particular ideas, people, or objects in order to draw a conclusion about their similarities and differences as well as advantages and drawbacks. Such thesis statements show the results of the comparison and give a short overview of the paper. Besides, compare and contrast thesis has to describe the significance and worthiness of the comparison.

There are no specific restrictions regarding the ways of creating a strong thesis statement for such types of writing, however, a set of recommended actions is provided. To write a successful thesis statement, it is important to determine and name the objects of the comparison in order to clearly understand the purpose of the comparison. Also, there is a necessity to indicate whether these objects will be compared, contrasted, or both aspects will be taken into consideration. Finally, a researcher should add some individual points to develop when contrasting or comparing the objects.

As for the thesis examples, one can compare or contrast two phone models. There are various ways to solve this problem. The easiest and most actual comparison is the one where the phones with IOS or Android operation systems are being compared and contrasted. The example of a thesis statement could be as follows. “The comparison of IOS and Android phones reveals that phones with IOS operation system have more benefits than those which have Android system”. Another example could sound: “The research paper tends to explore the main similarities and differences between the IOS and Android operation systems so as to draw a conclusion which of them is the most effective”.

Moreover, phones can be compared from another perspective. For example, specific models of the same brand can participate in the comparison. “The onrush of technology promotes the rampant development of Apple corporation which produces a new model of iPhone every half of a year. Therefore, it is significant to compare the main differences of the latest Apple phone devices, such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s”.

One more idea for a thesis statement on phones is the comparison of the two gadgets of different companies, for instance, Samsung and Lenovo. The thesis statement may be as such: “The world market regularly brings new technological devices to the public, and Samsung and Lenovo as one of the leading companies become the common choice of people. Consequently, this essay tends to explore the main similarities and differences between Lenovo and Samsung phones in order to determine the most beneficial model”.


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