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In many cases conclusions are the most difficult part when it comes to writing essays or research papers. While the reader may browse through the paper he/she does not obviously remember the writing points; however he/she pays special attention when it comes to the conclusion. Since the conclusion is the last part the reader perceives it is extremely important in making the entire effect the writing produce.

In practice there are several basic tasks that should be reached by the conclusion. It can:

  • Emphasize the significance of the thesis statement;
  • Analyze and synthesize the main idea or each point;
  • Deduce on the topic;
  • Estimate the used material;
  • Give vision of the future developments which may which may happen with the topic issue;
  • Make recommendations;
  • Provide the final impression on the reader.

While summarizing the points mentioned in the paper it is important not to repeat the discussed material. The best way to complete the essay is to analyze and synthesize. The reader should sharply comprehend the importance, usefulness and necessity of the paper. An appropriate conclusion guarantees new ideas for the reader to think about and brings the feeling of satisfaction with complete information (look at this one).

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