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4 Surprise Interpretations of a ‘Bachelor’ in Creative Writing

We are all well aware that some words in the English language have more than one meaning. Some words have meanings that are polar opposites or completely different from one another. These can lead to interesting and funny misunderstandings if taken out of context.

The good thing is that in most cases these misunderstandings don’t happen because they are used in a particular content, and it is quite easy to understand what a person wants to say. These types of words are still worth being explored and analyzed in a creative manner.

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One of such words is ‘bachelor’. ‘Bachelor’ is a word that can be fun to use in a creative writing assignment. In the traditional sense, the term ‘bachelor’ is one that we are all very familiar with. It is a scholarly term that is used to describe a qualification received through college or university. In this sense, there are many types of ‘Bachelors’, for example, a Bachelor in Biology, or a Bachelor in Anthropology. These are usually obtained through a four-year program. However, there are some other meanings for ‘bachelor’ that you can use in creative writing.

1.(noun) An Unmarried Man

A ‘bachelor’ can also be an unmarried man. He is usually single but doesn’t have to be. As you can already see, this meaning is quite different from the typical definition discussed above. Using ‘bachelor’ in creative writing, you can make your piece definitely more interesting very quickly!

2.(noun) A Desirable Unmarried Man

Used in this way, ‘bachelor’ is preceded with the term ‘eligible’ as in ‘eligible bachelor’. People usually talk about an eligible bachelor in such a way that they are suggesting to a woman, for example, that a particular man is a good choice for marriage. For example, “Do you know John? He is kind, funny, and a doctor. What’s more is that he’s an eligible bachelor.” The person suggests that John is available for a lucky woman to snatch him up.

3.(noun) A Place Where a Single Man or a Group of Single Men Live

In this case, the ‘bachelor’ is followed by ‘pad’ or ‘flat’. The former is rather a slang, but both mean a dwelling of a single man. This usually implies that it is a good place for one person to live, or more of a guy’s hangout, aka a place without a womanly or feminine touch.
It could also be a place where the bachelor takes his many dates to, which leads us to our next meaning.

4.(noun) A Player

In addition to merely being single, a bachelor can also have the added meaning of a person who dates or goes out with many women. He is also considered to be good at getting women and does not stay with one for very long, for which he will also be known as a player.

With these four similar, but slightly different surprising meanings, you can create a paper, story, or essay that will be unique and interesting to readers. Utilize them well!

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