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What is creative writing? One of most known forms of creative writing is novel, however it is not the only one. Creative writing also includes plays, short stories, comic books etc. The main characteristic of creative writing is that it has to be actually a writing which contains some imaginary elements. The author doesn’t necessarily have to write about some unreal, supernatural, made up experiences but can definitely describe an event that has never happened. Creative writing is specific because even when you write about real event, as soon as you change some details or add something it becomes creative.

There are few things that will help you to complete a successful creative writing. Before you will start your writing process, try to find the most comfortable place for this. You should be able to relax and to use all the creativity you have. Try to write your essay when you are active and full of ideas. Don’t try to write if you feel that you have no ideas and desire to do this. The process of writing a creative story includes few stages. A person who will go through this stage will be able to write a successful story for sure. First thing that you should do while in writing process, is to find an interesting topic and inspiration. In order to find an interesting and exciting topic for your writing, try to think of something that you are interested in.

Sometimes you may get your inspiration from some things that you have never though about, like religion, family, art, etc. In order to inspire yourself for creative writing try to use such techniques as brainstorming, questioning yourself, thinking about some meaningful events in your life. All this will help you to come up with few interesting ideas for your writing. After finding an interesting topic for creative writing think about it. Try to think about the subject and theme of the writing. You should identify for yourself what you want to write about. You can make short notes in form of an outline; this will help you to remember everything you wanted to mention in your creative writing. Next step in preparing creative writing is analyzing your audience and defining the purpose of the writing. While analyzing the audience, you should assume what type of readers will be interested in the writing. Also define for yourself what effect your creative writing should have on the readers.

Do you want to entertain them, or to make them think about your subject? Having identified some basic concepts of your creative writing think about the style that you would like to use. Determine the form of creative writing you will use. Remember that the style and the language that you will use for your writing should be clear for your audience. After you complete the first draft of your creative writing try to revise it. It will be better if you will revise it few days later, because during this time you will get some new ideas that will help to improve the writing. While revising your paper, try to eliminate some unnecessary words. Keep your paper focused and make sure that it is really creative. Finally, don’t try to restrain yourself. Unlike the formal essays creative writing is the piece of creativity; the part of yourself. Use the flight of your thought and let your imagination create. Good luck!

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