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Great Data Analysis Example

Data analysis is the type of work which presupposes a deep analysis of information of any kind and formulating conclusions from gathered data. Currently, the media campaign of the republican candidate for the presidential election of 2016, Donald Trump, provokes a massive public resonance, that is why it is chosen for the data analysis example. In particular, his speeches, program, and political statements are widely discussed on the internet. The candidate both attracts voters with eloquent rhetoric and fills American citizens with indignation caused by the intolerant and deceptive political statements. The data analysis example of the discussions published on the website Reddit.com will shed a light on the peculiarities of actual public opinions about Trump. To present a comprehensive review of Reddit users considerations, the research will cover recent most-voted posts in the most popular pro- and anti-Trump subreddits.

Among a large amount of the information flow on Reddit, which includes memes, comments, and claims, questions are the most valuable texts that contribute to the understanding of the website users’ positive attitude to Trump. While the dedicated supporters of Trump usually display their appreciation of the nominee in terms of “faith” or “love”, the most insightful and thoughtful materials are presented by users who do not currently decide who to support. Besides, people ask about Trump’s policies based on their personal experience. The case of lifelong libertarian party voter and Bernie Sanders supporter shows that they respect Trump as an option due to his alignment with both libertarian and social-democrat political objectives. The candidate assures the loyalty of libertarian voter because of Trump “care about this country [the U.S.] so, so much…”. Regarding Sanders camp, Trump engages “with the strength and the will to fight back against corruption” in the American government. In questions, the nominee’s supporters refer to their special needs or concerns such as black communities legal issues, a safety of the law enforcement officers, and marijuana legalization for medical use. Hence, currently, voters desire to confirm the hopes for a better future.

In contrast, anti-Trump subreddits contain comprehensive lists of references with articles that bring evidence about Trump’s racism, sexism, fascism, poor entrepreneur talents, and homophobia organized into the one “MegaThread”. The content shows that anti-Trump users value argumentation and facts that justify the rest of the content dedicated primarily to the mocking of the nominee. Besides, users created the post that summarizes arguments criticizing Trump’s most obnoxious policies. They included the ones indicating the support of surveillance program, violation of Net neutrality, frivolous libel suits, advocation of war crimes, climate change scepticism, homophobia, pro-life position, ridiculous anti-illegal immigration measures, enactment of Affordable Care Act, and ineffective economic policies. Anti-Trump users clearly have a passion about reasonable and sufficient argumentation that opposed “idiocy” widely associated with Trump in the non supporters’ camp. Moreover, the post claims that “the criticism of Donald Trump boils down to one simple sentiment: Donald Trump is literally Hitler” that eloquently introduces the character of anti-Trump voters anxiety. One of the answers for the question “Why Do People hate Donald Trump?” points out that “he’s a pure populist” that advocates whatever the voters demand. This statement may express the intention and character of posts made by Trump supporters or those who consider him as a possible option.

Posts in pro-Trump and anti-Trump communities on Reddit reveal the dominant opinions about the republican party nominee. Besides memes and reciprocal insults, subReddits dedicated to the candidate contain thoughtful materials including questions about Trump’s policies posted by supporters and summaries of argumentation against Trump. Questions of the pro-Trump users expose their expectations that form broad or even universal political agenda. Anti-Trump subreddits present that non supporters admire of well-justified argumentation against the candidate and condemn his populism.

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