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Definition Essay on Patriotism: Basic Guidelines for the Students

patriotism definition essayWhile some people used to view patriotism as an integral part of the citizens’ everyday life, the others prefer to look at it as at a negative aspect that causes people to behave unquestioningly when they are supposed to stop and think. Taking into consideration the fact that individuals’ viewpoints rest on one of the sides of this matter, studying this topic within the definition essay is a task worthy of dealing with. By investigating the topic, you have an opportunity to freely express your personal point of view and, possibly, persuade your readers to take your side. To make sure the paper you produce is effective enough, exert every effort to fully describe the topic and reveal different sides of the argument.

Use an introductive section to define what the patriotism actually is. Get your reader’s attention by defining the issue in easily understood and clear terms. When explaining the patriotism to your readers, make sure you make use of examples that speak for themselves them. For instance, you can easily take an example of stating the Allegiance Pledge as an act of real patriot.

One essay paragraph could be dedicated to the 4th of July. It’s a great option to speak about how the whole nation is involved in celebration with fireworks and cook-outs. As an example, mention the Americans, who show patriotic attitude towards their Homeland by flying the American flag. The other way of expressing patriotism is by means of civic duties such as free will of voting.

Make sure you take a clear position for or against the patriotism. It is not the best idea to dance around this or that viewpoint without taking any particular side. Fearlessly state your position and provide your reader with an opportunity to understand what side you are trying to stand for and why you have chosen it.

The impact of patriotism should to be studied together with its definition. If you represent the pro-patriotism side, describe the positive impact of it. In case you are against it, provide all the basic arguments against patriotism, such as blind belief of some people that all the government does should never be questioned and everybody who opposes it should be eliminated.

Include quotations from famous political leaders and people who are far from the government but are somehow related to the topic. These words are to be used as the supportive points for the facts you state in the essay. Thus, your readers will make sure you’re not the only one who is defending the position you have chosen.

When it’s time to conclude, make a restatement of your opinion on the matter. Remind your audience of the argument you based your essay upon, leaving your readers being 100% aware of what you were trying to show in your paper. If possible, encourage them to ponder over patriotism and its role in their lives and, if possible, consider the arguments they have never thought about before.

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