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Descriptive Essay on Best Friend: Simple How-To’s for All Academic Levels

best friend essayWriting about someone you love and care about is probably the easiest assignment one can ever get when at college. Thinking about your best friend in the process of writing will provide you, as a true friend, with an inspiration to produce the first-class essay on the dearest person to your heart.

Your best pal may “be there for you as the rain starts to pour” for a great variety of reasons and your number one task is to be properly point out the very qualities you are delighted with and which are valuable to you. In order to make a full picture of your BFF you will have to include funny life-stories and anecdotes based on real-life experiences that are certain to illustrate what kind of person your best friend is.

Put down your best pal’s name on the top of the piece of paper. Draw up a web that goes from the name. Write all the qualities of the best friend of yours that you admire. Next step – make the other lines from these qualities in order to create more complex web with several layers. Make sure to use this layer to describe the brightest moments from the life of your BFF that will prove she/he has something you can be proud of! Let’s say, your friend is a kind-hearted person, write about the time when he/she helped a homeless, saved somebody else’s life, etc.

Provide at least 3-4 qualities on the essay web to show the person you write about in the right way, together with the life stories that accompany these traits. Generate a simple outline, describing three qualities just the way you are going to put them within the body of the essay.

Create an essay hook. This can be a simple but touching poem, a short anecdote or a quote about the personality of a man you’re describing. Let it show that your friend is a unique person; let it attract the reader’s attention.

Provide the essay topic sentence that will tell your audience what you will be conversing about in the paper. The simplest form for the topic sentence will look somewhat like: “Amanda is a faithful friend of mine for she is there for me at the darkest times!”

Make sure to write in accordance with your outline in order to fully illustrate the essential qualities that highlight your friend in the crowd, including the funny situations and all the acts of heroic virtues that demonstrate what you’re trying to say.

Finish up your assignment with a summary of the main positive features of your friend and say why exactly he/she is “your person”.

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