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Descriptive Essay about Weird London

essay about londonThere’s nothing easier than writing a descriptive essay about the capital of Great Britain! The thing you should start with is the definition of the descriptive type of writing. Speaking simply, a descriptive essay represents the academic writing form that is based on a detailed description of a building, an individual, notion, place, situation, etc. The main purpose of the paper lies in creating a clear picture of the matter so that the audience can imagine the described thing straight away. If you’re assigned with the task to describe London – you have tons of information to refer to!

Create a solid outline in order to list all the facts, peculiarities and characteristics of the place you’re going to talk about. Later, throughout the essay content you will develop each of the items given in the outline.

London is a huge ocean of wonders one can talk about endlessly. Try to turn your creativeness on and avoid the well-known facts, replacing them with the points hardly recognized by the London natives!

  • Who says you have no right to drive on the right side of the London road? Yes, you have! Still, you’re welcome to take the left hand side in the Savoy Courtyard only, which is the shortest street leading you straight to the entrance of the Savoy hotel.
  • The river Thames is well-known to a typical tourist and it definitely deserves to be mentioned at least in passing. But! Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that there are many secret rivers right beneath the capital! For instance, one of them, the Efra, flows under the Oval cricket ground.

Collect information to create an introductive section. In order to make your readers willing to read more and more, make sure you place some hooking historical or cultural fact about the city in the beginning. How about mysteries? Everyone adores secrets and blood-curdling stories! One of such is the New Scotland Yard mystery. When it was build in 1888, the headless and armless torso of an unknown woman was found in the foundations. Scary enough? All the Criminal Investigation Department resources failed to indentify the dead woman or reveal the murderer’s name. Thus, Scotland Yard was constructed right on the place of a mysterious murder.

As for the essay structure – it is up to you to decide how many paragraphs it will include. However, write every paragraph on the basis of a separate idea, starting from an introduction sentence and proceeding to the details. When mentioning the Nelson’s Column, do not forget to say that Hitler planned to dismantle it and then place it in Berlin. When talking about famous Big Ben, make a short history tour by mentioning that in 1995 a small flock of starlings settled on the minute hand and thus, put the time back by almost five minutes. By the way, one more lost river, called the Tyburn, is hidden right beneath the Buckingham Palace. As for the city bridges, make certain to say that the Waterloo Bridge was constructed mostly by women.

The weird life of London can be described on an endless amount of pages and it’s up to you to choose what side of the capital to build your essay on.

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